I am wondering how others go about finding homes to short sale in your market.  It is not too tough here, since there are so many foreclosures, but the trick is finding them early on in the process, at least in Ohio, because once they get close to the auction date, the banks just won't touch them...
I am learning more about our wonderful legal and financial system than I think I want to know by working the pre-foreclosure market.  We are looking to help homeowners that may be losing their homes due to circumstances beyond their control, or perhaps the victims of predatory lending, or some ot...
As agents in a shifting market and with the rise of all the foreclosures, it seems as though we are faced with the issues of short sales more and more.  One thing I have found is that we have to to be more of a consumer advocate than ever before in this siuation and it has always been difficult f...
With all the constraints of the "new" mortgage industry and many of the non-conforming buyers not being able to qualify for a loan, many buyers will turn to FHA as a source for mortgage loans.  For years, FHA was not the economical solution, as thought by many consumers, and convention, Alt-A, an...

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