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********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Over 20 Years of Mortgage Experience.  Simple Straight Forward Answers, No Games or Gimmicks! I a...
For immediate release July 22, 2016 Ready to Trade-In Your Home? Perhaps You Should Remodel Instead!  By Kelly Welton, Regional Manager Members Direct Home Loans CITY, ST – Each year, millions of Americans move into the home of their dreams. As time goes by, families expand, kids grow older, and ...
 Plano, Texas – Taking the step into home ownership is one of the most important financial decisions a person will make in their lifetime. There are many factors to consider when embarking on this venture. Literally hundreds of loan programs are available, and it is important to find the one that...
Are adjustable rate mortgages right for you?Adjustable Rate Mortgages are popular among individuals who are more likely to move from one house to another spontaneously. This is an idea of owning a house for the short stay that you are going to have, which could be anywhere between 3-10 years. Adj...
A few months ago Gremlins attacked and rendered my Laptop useless. I quickly consulted Google and found perhaps the best local computer source. The Big Box crowd basically said my laptop was dead and the folks at Micro Notebook Computers Inc in Orange spent 3 minutes to diagnosis the issue. A few...
With the home selling season heating up buyers need to be on their games.  Homes throughout Southern California are once again receiving multiple offers.  The process can be either enjoyable and trying, depending on your team and preparation.  Pre-Approvals are a must and Simple Answers are vital...
Even with the California real estate market inproving there is still a large group of former homeowners who would like to become owners again. Now both current and former owners can purchase again after just 1 Day. The number of cancellations has climbed considerably over the past few years. This...
Tried of the run around or endless phone calls from so called mortgage professionals.  Countless Califronian's have experienced the Bait and Switch or Teaser Rates programs only to find out later they do not qualify. Little did they know the requires a loan of no more then 60% value of the proper...
A common question is when can I purchase a home again after a foreclosure or short sale? The short answer is it depends, in some cases one can purchase another home literally one day after a short sale. This is provided you were current throughout the short sale process. The requirement of being ...
I have a confesion to make, it been almost 20 years sciense I last held an open house. Many of the mis-steps and discovery moments I experienced this past week end are common sense items for the active realtor and in hindsight I should have known them as well. One my referral partners had the for...

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