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Need Usable Capital? You can finance your own business, start a business or buy into a franchise using your 401(k) without paying taxes, penalties, interest or even debt! The benefits are "Simply Amazing! And yet still, very easy to understand!" If you've ever tried to finance a business or finan...
Tax FREE Wealth w/ Self-Directed IRAs: ROTH Conversion 2010 When: 11/17/2009 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM Where: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/488551104 Description: Join us for this informative webinar. Income taxes are on sale! Learn about why 2010 may be the most important year of your life! TIP...
What is a real estate IRA? "Real estate IRA" is a term used to describe a real estate investment(s) in a self-directed IRA or 401(k). With a real estate IRA, you can earn tax-free/tax-deferred returns on your real estate investments. What types of real estate IRA investments are allowed? The foll...
Pre-tax or after-tax? That is the question? I'm not a tax professional (I'm a Third Party Administrator for self-directed IRAs). So, check with a tax professional to verify... with that disclaimer out of the way I'll say that income taxes are on sale next year. I mean a red hot fire sale! In 2010...
If you could ask any question about how to self-direct your retirement savings, what would it be? Go to this website: http://www.justaskkaaren.com/ Ask your question then join us for a live 60-minute LIVE, Teleseminar Interview by expert business coach Larry Gassin to hear your questions answered...
Join RIAOC in it's new location and you'll join hundreds of commercial real estate investors. Each Tuesday morning you'll learn more about commercial real estate at this educational meeting. Kaaren Hall, President of uDirect IRA Services, LLC will speak about buying commercial real estate with a ...
Checkbook Control The IRA-Owned LLC Join Attorney Brad Barth and Kaaren Hall from uDirect IRA Services, LLC for a free educational seminar to explore the latest tools and techniques to protect your wealth and retirement assets through the use of IRA-LLCs. Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 Time: 6...
November 3rd I'll be the guest on a webinar with Craig Guadio about private lending.  Many people are finding money for real estate investing through private money.  This will be an educational webinar designed to give you the scoop on how you can get involved then find & use private funding.  Re...
Recently I was interviewed on the subject of buying assets in a self-directed IRA.   Take a listen by cutting and pasting the link below into your web browser.  If you have any questions, please contact me at (714) 460-5505.   http://www.accesswealthstrategies.com/395/how-to-take-control-of-your-...
CHECKBOOK IRA Using your IRA to buy real estate is becoming more and more popular. Many like the asset protection and convenience of the IRA-Owned LLC. Come learn more at this eductional event. Brad Barth of Barth, Berus & Calderon will discuss the legal aspects of the IRA-Owned LLC which gives i...

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