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The Planned Parenthood location in McKinney, Texas which is north of Dallas, Texas... was firebombed this past Tuesday night. Earlier that same day... this location of the women's health clinic was picketed by a local group of anti-abortion protesters. As said in the video below... there were no ...
Amy Winehouse "Went to Black" yesterday.  How sad.  How truly sad. She was way too young.  Such talent and such hurt... and one incredibly bluesy voice. Of course some many of us have seen Amy in the news for quite some time... and most of it, if not all of it, many folks mostly perceived as nega...
As Unlikely Is It May Seem... Once In A While... some buyers or sellers in the Fort Worth, Texas area actually use the services of a Realtor other than Karen Anne Stone.  This can often be a very trying experience for them... fraught with dismay and disappointment.  Here is a case in point: Pictu...
Some years ago I remembered hearing a song by Melissa Manchester called "This Lady's Not Home Today."  It's a really great song.  It was about a woman who did everything for others.  She had a "caregiver's" personality.  So much so that she rarely had time for herself.  Sometimes she took care of...
I love rainbows.  The ones you can see in the mists after it rains.  But... there are other rainbows.  The kind you live at the end of... the kind you can be surrounded by. Rainbows exist in three basic stages of our lives.  When we're searching for them, when we're finding them, and perhaps when...
I joined Active Rain in August of 2007.  Since I was hoping that as many folks as possible would read my posts... every single post that I have written... I have "included" in the maximum of five of the Active Rain Groups.  Every single one.  And... they are not always the same groups.  The ones ...
I recently read a post by a Rainer in an office in South Texas... where someone called to ask for help in finding a home there... readily admitted that they were "prejudiced."  They basically told the Realtor that although they did want to purchase a home in the area... that they wanted the Realt...
Every once in a while someone writes a rant on Active Rain... complaining about new home builder commission policies... and the danger of not getting paid if one of "your buyers" purchases a new home from a builder.  Since I have spent many years working as a Realtor, and also many years working ...
Today is July 14.  For the French, it is a national holiday, called Bastille Day.  Many in the Canadian Province of Quebec, as well as other Canadians throughout Canada... celebrate the day which commemorates the storming of the Bastille, a French prison, on July 14, 1789. For many, it marked the...
I almost NEVER re-blog anything.  BUT... this is just awesome. Dagny Eason in Wilton, CT... and her recently-opened Dagny's Real Estate... put on a Mini-RainCamp at her home... and invited Debbie Gartner, Ginny Gorman and Judy Klem.  Watch the video... what a hoot. I have not gone to any of the R...

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