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From defensive landscaping to forming an LLC, here's how to guard your property and identity while selling your house.Letting strangers in your house while you're not there can be a difficult part of the home selling process. Protect your belongings and identity by removing valuables and any pape...
As we enter into a brand-new decade, there's a good chance you're reflecting on your choices over the past 10 years. Maybe you're patting yourself on the back for taking that job across the country. Perhaps you wish you could undo that three-year relationship that sucked the life out of you. Or m...
Want to know more about various home architectural styles? A property’s structural design can reveal a lot about a home including its history: when it was built and why. For example, many Victorian style homes were built during the Victorian era in the mid to late 1800s.Of course, there are many ...
Many people turn to smart thermostats to control the heating and cooling in their homes. Not only do smart thermostats look more elegant and high tech than their non-smart counterparts, these thermostats also have a lot to offer in terms of efficiency, convenience, and features that can save on h...
What’s the secret to selling your home for a higher price?More often than not, it’s about the time, money and effort you devote to the property while living there. The more updates and proper maintenance put in, the more likely you are to see it reflected in the final sale price when you put the ...
Fireplace FAQ ·               Do you want your fireplace to be the primary source of heat?While you select the fuel type and you know the fireplace size that you’re looking for, it’s essential for you also to consider the heating requirements.If you’re buying a fireplace for a large home or room,...
Designing your space by making it more valuable and desirable gives you a home which feels like a vacation spot, every day. And with the right fireplace, you can put your feet up, relax and get cozy with your favorite book. The glow and warmth from a fire creates a relaxing effect, which not only...
Buying a home is a very emotional process, but if you allow those emotions to get the best of you, you may fall prey to a number of common home buyer mistakes. Since buying a home has many far-reaching implications, ranging from where you will live to how hard it will be to make ends meet, it's i...
10 Easy Ways to Winterize Your HomeSo, take steps now to winterize your home and you’ll not only stay cozy all winter long, you’ll also save energy and slash your heating bill. Here are 10 quick and affordable ways to prep your home right now.1 - Add Attic InsulationThe most effective use of insu...
Selling your home with the holidays on deck means you may need a crash course in how to decorate your home for the holidays without turning off buyers.Unless you're a total Scrooge, it's hard to argue with the fact that glitter lights and colorful accents make a home look more cheerful and inviti...

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