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So here is the scenario: You are buying a house for 177,000 and your funding  fee for 2nd time use of your VA Eligibility will cost 3.3% of the purchase price, so that’s an additional $5840 you are rolling that funding fee into the loan. That makes the loan $182,840, more than the contract price!...
We have all been in these situations more than once.  If this isn't the funniest thing, I came across this video and had to share.  It will be okay to LOL and to talk to the screen as you are watching this, because you already know the words...
Yeah Not!!Well, at least that's what the Mortgage Broker said in a recent blog post about banks not offering or advertising the best rates.  I'm gonna go with "I disagree for $200 Bob"If you are a first time home buyer, and happen to meet Before you are referred to a tried and true list of lender...
 Realtors might generally agree that TUESDAY’s are the best day of the week to begin the buying process. Why Tuesday? Think about the other days for a moment, and what you are normally doing... As everyone is settling back into their work-week routine, they are better able to focus once their wee...

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