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Now that my family and I have settled into Santa Fe as full-time residents I see why it has a long-standing reputation as a great place to retire. While my husband and I aren’t quite at the retirement stage yet, we definitely plan on staying in Santa Fe for our golden years! We’re originally fro...
  Being a second homeowner is great, but the truth is it can be challenging getting home projects done when you don't live in Santa Fe. So what can you do when you want an important landscaping project done right before you arrive for your summer holiday?   Hire a home tender like Home Sweet Hom...
If you're a second homeowner this is a friendly reminder that it's time to buy your season tickets to the Santa Fe Opera. The season runs during July and August and this year's lineup is no less spectacular than before.   The Santa Fe Opera will be doing  "Faust", "La Boheme", "Griselda", "The L...
  It's Springtime and time to start thinking about getting away to your beautiful, sunny Santa Fe vacation home.  It's time for you to recharge your energies under the beautiful New Mexico skies. Why not make his vacation extra special by hiring a home tender? What exactly can a home tender/conc...
  In a home market that has seen its share of downturns, sellers are looking to get the best selling price on their properties. The condition of a home plays a major role in the closing price.  Many homeowners are faced with the burden of having to make a sudden move out of state and leave the s...
I really don't think anyone loves moving day. You may love being settled in your home, but the process of packing and unpacking can be very stressful. The goods news it that there are some simple tips to make it easier. Making a move can be quite smooth as long as you simplify and get organized. ...
When you’re on vacation or a business trip, the last thing you want to worry about is what’s happening to your home in Santa Fe while you’re gone.  While it’s not good to be obsessively anxious about what could happen, it’s wise to protect your home as best as you can. Don’t you just hate to come...
  It's Springtime here in Santa Fe! That means it’s the perfect time to make some minor repairs now by investing a few hundred bucks in minor fixes to preserve your biggest asset — your home — in order to save yourself some pricey repairs down the line. Here are 4 Money-Smart Repairs for Spring: ...
I was out for a walk in my new Santa Fe neighborhood recently and saw a vacant house for sale. I do what most of us do and peeked in the window! I quickly realized that this homeowner had a serious problem on their hands. There was a foot of water in the house! I found the number for the Santa Fe...

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