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Real life issues in buying/selling real estate. I address the everyday issues regarding Real Estate. See: www.KarenSellsFloridaWaterfront.com, call me with all your Real Estate need's and questions. 954-464-4194 anytime. Want to buy or sell your property...call me anytime!
Lazy does not mean, you are entitled to handicapped parking!  $250.00 fine for laziness!                   I was so upset today when I was showing my customer property.  The unit involved has underground parking, however she is handicapped and those spots were all taken.  When we sat and waited f...
Flu shots $24.95 at Walgreens...$29.95 if you are allergic to preservatives or latex. Make SURE, you let the nurse or pharmacist (yes, now some are certified to give the shots as well) know if you are allergic to preservatives or LATEX! This is not a warning for the swine virus vaccine which is n...
Is it legal for an agent to raffle off a listing? Well, now that I have your attention...I thought it was a fantastic way to sell a home in this market when I heard a home owner doing this... Really,  I have a fantastic listing...between the Intracoastal and the Ocean here in Pompano Beach.  It i...
So, really, "What IS the PRICE of the property?" Agents need to consider their answer!   I had an agent ask me this question the other day.  She said, "Do we really even know what "price" is anymore?  GREAT QUESTION from HER, and GREAT QUESTION for YOU as PEERS! What's in the "price", by "price" ...
RULES, there are so many rules...each state has their own...some are reciprocal...to FL that is There are so many different lending rules, listing rules for RE agents, loan types and so much confusion for John Q Public to read through and try to understand in this every changing market. They, for...
HUD-1 statements...do you use them in your state and is  it your law? What is a HUD-1 It is the reconciliary statement that is used at closing that explaines the costs to you the buyer and to the seller as to who owes what to each other. The HUD-1 Settlement Statement is the closing statement req...
Don't send me a listing unless it's a steal! WOW now...who am I to decide what's a steal? What is  a steal?  And are real estate agents the ones who should determine this? As an active REALTOR(r), when I get a customer requesting a "steal" I hesitate. I will send you the lowest priced properties ...
What a fabulous place to visit, just south of billionaires row in the Hillsboro Mile. There is snorkling, fishing and site seeing trips availabout out this inlet.  See the small black dot by the ocean, that is the light house the lights the way for the fishermen to get home. This is one of the m...
Earnest money deposits...they aren't required to facilitate a deal in Florida! Earnest money deposits are not required, in other words, there is no law in Florida that requires earnest money deposits to make an offer on a property here in Florida. A promise to buy and a promise to sell are enough...
It's time for a Bonanza! Buy now, thank me later! Yes, you can thank me later!  The buyers now will eventually be the MILLIONAIRES OF THE FUTURE! With Real Estate prices at an all time low, if you have a doubt about where to put that cash on hand, it's Real Estate! There are some FANTASTIC buys o...


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Common issues with real estate. It is, what it is! Let's address the everyday issues! From, the positive agent in South Florida!

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