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Real life issues in buying/selling real estate. I address the everyday issues regarding Real Estate. See: www.KarenSellsFloridaWaterfront.com, call me with all your Real Estate need's and questions. 954-464-4194 anytime. Want to buy or sell your property...call me anytime!
What are the principals of RESPA? RESPA is defined as The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. RESPA was developed in 1974 to protect buyers at closing.  It is an Act that requires the disclosure of the types of charges that a buyer will incur when purchasing a property.  It also requires an ex...
Florida is developing a combination FAR/BAR and FAR contract, are you aware? Florida lawyers are in the process of developing a single buyers contract which combines the FAR/BAR and the FAR contract! There is actually a draft in place at this time.  One of the changes agents should be looking at ...
Florida will soon require home inspectors to be licensed. Florida currently does not require or regulated home inspectors.  As of JULY 1, 2010, home inspectors, mold assessors, and mold remediators will have to have a Florida license. This new law requires those who wish to continue practicing as...
Copyright©, If you have copyrighted, do you need to use the © after the word? Lawyers or any professionals, Do you know what the rule is on copyright law? I am just curious.  Do you need to use the trademark "©" after the work copyright? I'm under the impression that if it is copyrighted, you nee...
This was my father's heaven on earth.  Just below this group of chairs was his dock and his boat.  He spent every hour of every weekend here in his paradise.  This was most of the wonderful memories during his wake.  My father bought this property after the flood (in PA) of 1972.  I was a church...
What's in your car when you are showing property? Well, I guess this subject depends on where you live and the climate. If you live in a cold region...I'd have a thermus jug with some hot water and some hot chocolate! However, here in south east Florida, the weather is hot in the summer.  I alway...
The DRAMA of Real Estate, feel it, or leave it. Drama, as described in Webster's dictionary is:  1 a literary composition to be performed by actors: play, esp. one that is not a comedy 2 the art of writing, acting, or producing plays 3 a series of events suggestive of those of a play 4 dramatic q...
Loving your previous customers, why not? What a wonderful web we weave, when we practice to succeed...I don't know where I heard this other than my ex-husband, but it is so true! Yes, SUCCEED, not DECEIVE! I am so happy this week as I have 2 previous customers who called me and asked me for help....
132 acres of Real Estate, your private Paradise...for bottom bargain prices in paradise! I have a fantastic lead on a great property that is US owned that could be considered paradise - or somewhat like the Bahama's.  It's a US island that has the potential to make someone willing to develop this...
Blogging, do you need google juice? Here's my opinion. Your juice is as good as the content that you post. Google is google.  Many people write great posts and they are in never ever land in the google trail. I don't know where I am on the google list, I don't have time to look.  However, it must...


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Common issues with real estate. It is, what it is! Let's address the everyday issues! From, the positive agent in South Florida!

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