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Real life issues in buying/selling real estate. I address the everyday issues regarding Real Estate. See: www.KarenSellsFloridaWaterfront.com, call me with all your Real Estate need's and questions. 954-464-4194 anytime. Want to buy or sell your property...call me anytime!
Michael Jackson/his physician/CPR and the other voice on the 911 phone.  This is a short and sweet blog...any of you who have medical experience will understand what I'm about to say.... Michael Jackson had a physician with him, who apparently was administering drugs to him...so the news reports....
My first fathers day without him...it has been one rough day...but last night just thinking about it was worse. It's amazing the power of a father.  The power of his speech, his advice, his compassion and his love. The family figure who used to always be there for a smile, a laugh, a joke...then ...
I have buyers with 30% down is anyone lending?  I'm talking South Florida. Who is out there that can get me a loan for these people?   It is such a difficult situation in this current Economy to get financing for buyers right now. Are any of you having success getting loans for customers? If so, ...
Instead of "tweets", how about "drips"?  Active Rain "drips", or "drops" that is... While I never thought I would hear of tweeting...and I don't tweet (although I have an account)..I was wondering why Active rain doesn't get their community "dripping"? Well, isn't a drip as important as a tweet? ...
Give me Liberty or give me real estate. Huh?  Read on... Liberty as defined by Webster's dictionary is defined in total as: 1. freedom from slavery, captivity, etc., 2. a particular right, freedom, etc. an impertinent action or attitude. 4. permission given to a sailor to go ashore. (not relevant...
Who's on first, What is on second, Why is on third...base that is...... Strange oddities...Strange situations...and last but not least...the thought of it all. Who is the customer who decides to let their house go into foreclosure because everyone else is doing it. They have decided to "claim a h...
Home owners, why are you selling in this market? Please answer these questions. In this viral market, why have you chosen to list your home for sale? Answer these few questions and read my remarks - it's important for you as the seller to understand the market. 1.  Are you selling just because yo...
Why do some buyers think everyone should accept a short sale...not everyone selling is in financial distress. I'm mesmorized by this issue... I'm not surprised, however, buyer beware...Not everyone is to the point of a short sale if their property is listed. I have some cash buyers who are lookin...
President OBAMA, We've been kicked out of our homes, can we live with you? You have plenty of room, right?  You are the one responsible to fix the housing debacle.  You hand out money in the fall...they file bankruptcy anyway.  Don't you realize the disaster that you are creating for our children...
Do you prefer succinct blogs...or can you read all the paragraphs? I for one, love the interaction of blogs.  However, with all the knowledge afforded here...when I see a blog that looks like a thesis...I keep going.  That's me... Unless it is a tutorial, and it is something that I REALLY NEED TO...


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Common issues with real estate. It is, what it is! Let's address the everyday issues! From, the positive agent in South Florida!

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