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Real life issues in buying/selling real estate. I address the everyday issues regarding Real Estate. See: www.KarenSellsFloridaWaterfront.com, call me with all your Real Estate need's and questions. 954-464-4194 anytime. Want to buy or sell your property...call me anytime!
Amazing, I was so confident that my buyers would love the property I chose for them...When you listen. When you listen to your customer, and you make mental notes...and they have trust in you...IT IS POWERFUL! Recently, I had the pleasure of working with some people from a different state.  The b...
Has the market turned? Apparently in Broward County, Florida Amazingly enough, we are back to a "multiple offer" situation and "full price offers" needed in Broward County Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale By The Sea, and Pompano Beach - ocean front properties. While it was not the case last year, it i...
HA! Amazing, a short sale approval in just 3 dayzzzz!!! YES, IT CAN BE DONE!!! It was with CitiBank. The negotiator was wonderful.  Because I don't know her and don't know if she want's to be named or not, I will leave her name out.  However, I will write a nice note to her boss and tell him/her ...
Could this closed condo sale result in a Law Suit? A little over a year ago, my new very good friends bought a direct ocean condo from another Realtor(r) who they had been referred to by someone else.  (Yes, I know that's a mouthfull, but hear me out).  Along the way, my new friends and I had bec...
Referral needed for an agent in Bradford, RI. I have a friend who want's to sell a property that would possibly be a great bed and breakfast location in Bradford, RI. If you are interested, please email me your resume. This is a possible $3 Million dollar listing.  If you have not sold anything o...
CLIENT VS. CUSTOMER - REALTORS(R) BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PROTEST! I have blogged about this many times in the past. I don't know for sure if each state has a different definition of Client vs. Customer, HOWEVER. I love the word "Client" as well, it sounds so much more professional than calling someo...
Japan is in a crises.  Why is Sheppard Smith, from FOX news still there? Most news agencies have pulled their reporters.  This situation in Japan is not safe. I, as a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist with 25 experience wrote on Facebook 4 days ago that it was not safe for anyone to be near...
The "Spring Breakers" have hit Fort Lauderdale, FL! Yes, they are here!  However, they have been very nice.  I had one person call me to ask me what the rules of the road were here in Fort Lauderdale. I was shocked.  I mean it wasn't like they were looking for a rental, to buy, or anything of the...
WOW, I lost 3 friends last year...These were friends from Gettysburg, PA where my son David Monsour is a REALTOR. It's amazing...life is so short. It seems like it was just last year when I helped "Bear" can his tomatoes. It seems like a few years ago, I was eating wings at "Herricanes" with Mike...
The situation in Japan is grave.  The Nuclear Reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant are now totally compromised.  They have pulled the 60 or so workers from the power plant.  Why?  Because the radiation levels at the power plant are at a level where no one is safe.  I believe tho...


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Common issues with real estate. It is, what it is! Let's address the everyday issues! From, the positive agent in South Florida!

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