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 Emprendan la Tecnología y Aprovechen sus BeneficiosCuando uno toma la decisión de moverse a otra ciudad o país, yo creo que una de las preguntas más importantes en tu cabeza es:¿Donde voy a vivir?La mayor parte del tiempo, uno ya tiene un trabajo en su destino futuro, y aunque esa no sea la situ...
 Embrace Technology and Enjoy its Benefits When moving to a new city or country, I guess one of the biggest questions that arises in one's mind is:Where am I going to live?Most of the time but not always, one already has a job at their future destination, but even if that's not the situation, for...
When I finished college in swtizerland, I decided to move to Prague in the search of my roots, being that my grandfather is Czech. However,  I never thought about the difficulties that would arise from not knowing the language, and believe me, eating grilled sandwiches for two months and sleeping...
Una de mis pasiones mas grandes es cocinar, la cual me hace comparar todo constantemente con comida, hasta las relaciones. Eso sí, nunca había pensado como las propiedades y la comida pueden ser tan parecidas, hasta que empecé a trabajar en ventas y marketing para videos de bienes raíces. ¿Piénse...
One of my biggest passions is cooking, which is why I constantly compare everything to food, even relationships. However, I never thought about how alike properties and food can be, until I started working in the sales and marketing business for real estate videos. Think about it, how does buying...
Hi my name is Karin Reznicek and I am new in this business and in blogging. I recently started working in a Real Estate Video Company, and to be honest, I've never payed much attention to anything about the Real Estate business. I mean, I know the obvious, but I've never sat down and read article...

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