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I'm always trying to learn about what works in my own industry. Because I have connections to this industry, I try to combine my research so I have something to write about here. Response time.  How quickly do you get back to potential customers/clients?  Do you have a published target? e.g,. Whe...
This isn't about real estate, rather just something that hit me while I was driving today in the rain -- when my phone rang.   This post involved my cell phone and a car.   I'm guessing most real estate folks have these things -- so there's my relevance. The caller ID thing on cell phones suck!  ...
Dingo and Joomla, two open source products that are extremely low cost, would be an excellent start to help automate a property management operation.  While Dingo and Joomla would be a good start, it’s likely that eventually more ingredients would be needed to make this a fully effective system. ...
A was brainstorming with a friend recently about lead generation and she was contemplating on which search terms to put more money. She had tried up'ing her daily spend, but all she was getting was more clicks, not more business. Google and Yahoo are now the Yellow Pages. (I still can't believe t...
Yes, it's true. Unless you're carrying around some museum piece, your mobile phone has a tiny GPS in it. Even if you have a cheapo crappy one, it still has one in it as near the end of 2005, all cell phone carriers were required to provide the ability to trace cell phone calls to a location withi...
Today we released our fist version of our new task manager called Taskhopper Dingo. It's a product that runs within Joomla, a content management system, to keep track of three things: Clients (or leads), Projects (or properties) and whatever tasks are necessary to convert leads to clients and cli...
Everyone always talks about "backing up your data" which is of course a good thing. In fact, not backing up can be considered an act of corporate negligence as it takes very little time for the data to quickly exceed the value of whatever holds it. Replacing a hard drive is cheap and easy. Replac...
Fully unrelated to the excellent people who run/maintain our current building, we have decided to find new office space.  We've been in the same place for one year, and when we started it was only intended as an interim location.  So we've given notice and need to make some fast plans for a new c...
During an undeclared recession like this one, it can be advantageous to reassess your business strategies. The phone may be ringing less, and you can use that time to take inventory of where you are and where you would like to be in terms of technology. Take advantage of this opportunity to cut c...
The domain name was created 18 days ago and is said to be owned by someone named MichellGregory.   The IP address says the server may reside somewhere in the Ukraine.   The contact information for the site lists Michell as somewhere in the 2767729 zip code with a phone number of 1-387-900 fax: 1-...

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