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I've made a few comments in a post by Bill Kennedy that deals with the topic of switching from Top Producer to possibly Outlook. In his post and in a few of the comments, there were references to Outlook being free. Yesterday I stumbled across an old document that reminded me of how expensive fre...
To reach my goal of ... I will help my clients purchase or sell ... I will time block and lead generate an average of x hours per day and I will feed my database with y mets and z haven't mets each week. All the sales gurus preach this: Have a mission statement. And every sales mission statement ...
..Upgrade from Wordpress 2.5 to 2.6 Wanting to help someone learn about how to upgrade, and to help the owner of a Wordpress site, I figured Sunday was a good day to go from an old Wordpress version to a newer one.  I had done tens of hundreds of similar upgrades but none of that mattered as I fa...
Ever get those notes from "friends" telling you to send this to everyone you know to protect them from whatever?  I received one of those today and I couldn't resist taking a peek. Here's an example of how some people get traffic-- lots of it using a fake database filled with felons.  Ok, I'm not...
Every year about this time we let others know about some software we developed over at League.com. It's a pickem pool based on the NFL season. Pretty simple, you join, make a group, invite others, make your picks, then go watch the game. What's different this year: We are distributing the softwar...
People often get all freaked out when they hear about security flaws in content management systems like Joomla. This is the nature of the beast. You shouldn't be worried if your CMS-based website has security holes as much as if the developers are fixing them quickly. In this case, it was fixed o...
We are about to launch a website to boost effectiveness of real estate ads.  Here's some of our copy from one of the stories to come... Several years ago when I was ready to sell my home, I knew that I might have a small problem. My home was a large, 1920s bungalow.  If you live in the Midwest, y...
When you decide you want some new technology, hopefully you already have a relationship with a person who knows what you want. But every so often, you'll need to find someone new. People move on, sometimes they just fade away, sometimes what you want isn't what they do. When you go shopping for a...
Years ago, hacker implied "very smart person" but today it's often "smart person you want to choke." Over the last few days I've spent many hours cleaning up the mess left behind by some guy that "wanted the challenge" of erasing some useful data, then replacing it with his own. His method of att...
We get calls from others asking us to help with Joomla sites that have been abandoned by the original developer.  When your techie/developer stops returning your calls, it's usually for a specific reason. This is not Joomla specific, and it's not because they lost your number or because they're t...

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