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Have I lost my mind posting something with that title?   I hope not.Here's what I've noticed...Some write blogs directly inside of the blogging application.   e.g.,  They open the edit window right here in AR and start typing.   Don't do that!!   This is not the best approach.  Here's why:You sho...
A few posts ago I wrote something about a thing called DEEF box from cqSight which is some technology that allows websites to improve how they can connect with visitors.   Below is a story from a real person who was moving to a new city.   We asked her to tell us what it was like trying to make c...
We all use email for a living now.   It's convenient.  It creates a trail of history.   It can even be oh so efficient because you can CC the world keeping everyone in the loop.Just keep this in mind: Sometimes less is more.   In business email, here are some rules I have developed over the many ...
More common than not, I get people that just don't get the power of the blog.   What's the point?   Why bother?   I don't really know what to write...Here's a really good example of when it just works.Some local guy chases down a bad guy.  Catches bad guy, then gets fired for it.   The newspaper ...
Just got back from a trip to Hungary and Romania.   Spent one entire day talking about real estate, housing construction, the economy and the environment.  I'll post a few of these, starting with something we can all relate to... I don't know too many happy about current gas prices.   What soften...
404, that's geek-speak for "page not found"Popele don't always type thigsn as they intend.   When this happens on your website, don't punish them with some ugly default 404 error message or even worse, some big bold, "You are an error!"I did a search for "real estate agents michigan" and intentio...
All of my posts suck ... Except this one Ok, that was an exaggeration, or maybe not.   It's part true, part attempted attention-getter.This isn't about any clever technical ideas about how meta tags and keywords in your website can help you sell more homes.   Tips like that and so much of what I'...
Recently we were asked to help a real estate firm with multiple domain names improve the performance of their traffic.   They were spending plenty on PPC (pay-per-click) ads, and people were clicking because Google continued to max-out their ad budget daily, but lead quantity was flat or even fal...
I was needing to get a quick check between two zips and didn't feel like maps.google, mapquest or any other highly graphical solution -- I just wanted number of miles.    .., and it's always a treat to come across a website the delivers way more than you expect.  The treat:  MelissaData by Raymon...
How many visitors came to your website yesterday, looked around, then left without telling you about it? The answer:  Most of themWhy did they do that?   Most of them likely didn't care enough to tell you why.   You may have been an errant click from some other site or heck, you could have been v...

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