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I noticed a RealtyBlogs ad here on AR and couldn't help want to go take a peek.   Here's my quick review of what they're offering:For $99 setup fee and $20 per month they will install a Wordpress blog for you the domain name of your choice.   The $99 setup doesn't sound like a bad deal because no...
A few days after one my posts I made about using a "directory tree" to generate traffic, someone emailed me and asked for a real example, something we had done.  (A directory tree is just at database that stores things by categories) I asked them to give me a few weeks to demonstrate a fresh vers...
Whatever someone will pay for it.I'm on an email list that tells me when live auctions are going to be held.   One coming up is Friday, Oct.12 at 2:00pm where massachusettsrealestate.com is looking for something in the six figure neighborhood.  (download the entire list if you're curious)  That's...
I'm working on a project for an agent to pull some data to help automate/enhance their CMA process.   I wanted to learn what I could so I posted on a few real estate forums and was told to try Zillow.   In case you don't know, Zillow.com is an online real estate service company which launched in ...
A friend of mine (Derek from Ingenex) is having a blog camp this month at MoLo / Morris Lawrence building @ Washtenaw Community College — very cool venue.ArbCamp is a one-day gathering for people to share and learn in an open environment. The very broad organizing theme is social networks and soc...
Video home tours can be excellent, but at least for me, they move too slowly.   The 5 second pan across each room... come on, move it!   This is the internet, high speed at that!Here's an idea, maybe would be something that would add value to real estate websites so that buyers could tour the nei...
You've been making posts for months here, and all that content is something you own.  It's likely safe here, meaning that tomorrow and the next day, ActiveRain.com will continue to exist.   But what if?   What if something changed and your data was no longer available to you and your readers?What...
Here's my idea for the day... it came to me yesterday visiting a new gym here in town.   They have a new business and they're going to be eager to market their "under new management" campaign.  I asked the owner what domain name they had and it wasn't yet decided.  That's opportunity.Here's what ...
I know this is certainly not blogworthy, but being a big fan I couldn't help but wanting to let everyone know that I am about to be one spot away from Dwight Schrute... and you know what they say about location location location :)(fyi:  There is another Dwight Schrute popular on Thursdays on NBC...
Ok, let me go on record for being the first person in Ann Arbor to bash Google for being, well, I don't know... for reminding me of what it was like deaing with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle ... oh the hell with it... I'm not fooling anyone  ... WANG.About a week and a half ago I have an opportunity cal...

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