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When's the best time to optimize your processes?  When the market is down because that's when you have time.   When the market is hot, it's all you can do to keep the balls in the air.   If you're reading this from any of the many areas in Michigan, here's something for you to consider:We have a ...
A few years ago I designed a program called OllieNet.  It was based on a flawed concept that a group of like-minded business people will share information freely.    OllieNet was a TBN (trust-based network) that was like an ultra simple LinkedIn.    It allowed a private groups to share trusted co...
I must be an idiot!    Ever muttered those words after a long wait on hold? Ever spent days trying to move a domain name from one registrar to another?How about blowing a full week trying to get a hosting company to stop charging your credit card for services you no longer want?Can there be a bet...
Top Producer and the rest of those high-end CRMs likely already have this kind data built into their products but on the off-chance you aren't using one of those... Here's a well done/useful site that is packed with charts, histograms and useful trivia.  Pulls together lots of data about a city a...
Hey Washtenaw County Folks...A friend of mine is hosting a race (5K) this weekend.   He wanted me to share this with my peeps and so if you're reading this, it means you're now in that special inner circle.  :)Looking for an opportunity to meet some new people?  Ever wanted to run onto the 50 yar...
Remember about 12 years ago when Ross Perot said that NAFTA would create a loud sucking noise, which would be the sound of jobs being vaporized across the border.   Ross was right.   Michigan has lost plenty.  Some six years after the sucking speech, sources reported 46,000 gone in Michigan,  766...
Google is amazing.   Everything they touch is generally pretty golden.   Recently they started offering email hosting which is awesome and scary at the same time. In the past if you wanted an email account at Google, your address was something like YOU@gmail.com.  While nothing like hotmail or AO...
I promised myself I wouldn't write anything here today because, how much do I really have to say??   Then my sister sent me an email asking for my advice.   About ten minutes later I was saying, damn, I gotta post this on AR ...My sister is a business owner (DanceArtFx) that prints custom t-shirt...
We techies have a bad habit of using jargon that means nothing to normal people.   I'm certain I've already beenguilty of that in the few posts I've made here.  Much of what I've written has been about this technology called CMS -- which stands for Content Management System.   But knowing what th...
Hits, uniques, clicks, impressions, page views, Google page rank ... but the measure you'll never see in any web logs ... leads.How many leads is your site generating?   That's what matters.Of course traffic is important.  If nobody sees your site, then nobody is going to call.   But you can wast...

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