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You open up magazines and look at other people's houses - or maybe at what other people's houses are supposed to look like - but they never look like mine.  I love, love looking at houses. I love meeting new people and meeting new houses, which I guess is why I love my job as a real estate broker...
Green is slowly marching Eastward over our state.  Green building practices have been boasted about for years in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. But in the East, where dairy cattle outnumber  prairie dog lovers and talk of "Green" practices still brings to mind hippies, Californians, and tr...
When I was little, my father liked to collect Ocean liner and Railroad memorabilia.  Every vacation, every road trip was a treasure hunt where we would stop at junk stores and flea markets, used bookstores and garage sales... anywhere there might possibly be a cup or saucer or butter pat a relati...
I don't know about you, but when work starts piling end up I tend to retreat into my happy place . Ok, it's not so happy. I turn grumpy and tired and start pointing out everyone else's flaws rather than dealing with my own. Nothing significant gets done. Only the bare minimum of maintenance makes...
The 97 degree day we had today made me think of Summer and I thought I would make a list of the things I enjoy most about Summertimes in Eastern New Mexico. 15 Things I love about Clovis in the Summertime: •1.       Even if the daytime temp reaches 100 degrees, every evening it will be back in th...
Well, while the rest of the world sits and waits for housing to recover, for the swine to recover, for the banks to recover, Clovis, New Mexico is bouncing along like several other small pockets of life in this big world. We are in a unique situation because of growth at Cannon AFB and  in severa...
Have you ever been struck blind by the shiny things? Those are the things that catch your eye and inspire emotions and plans and divert you from your original purposes and goals. This isn't always a bad thing. Changes are good. You just need to be aware if it is a trap that you or your buyers fa...
As REALTORS(r) we constantly worry about how to get our name out into the public, if we are advertising enough, not enough, spending too much money or not enough. I know that my business plan is cyclical in nature. I get a big closing.... advertise a lot.... dont get many calls from print adverti...
Clovis, New Mexico is a little pond. I know we are short of water out here on the high plains but as far as ponds go I call Clovis a little one. We have 42,000 people in our town and we have 125 real estate agents. We actually have 19 brokerages in our MLS that serves Clovis and Portales, NM but ...
  The 24 Hour House It has been a wild week. Ive written 7 offers, had an unhappy customer for one of the first times in my 6 year career, been in 2 multiple offer situations (which caused the unhappy customer who didnt want competition) accepted two counters and almost sold a house in 24 hours. ...

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