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I have recently started coaching (yesterday). My coach is a hard taskmaster, but I am giving it a try. I want to succeed and I have to believe that if I do what I am supposed to do, I have no choice than to succeed. I'll keep you posted.
      Where is the best place to explore what real estate is available for sale in the Fabulous Florida Keys? It is sooo simple. You can search by Mile Marker, water front or non water front, single family, condo or mobile, and, of course, by price. Simple go to and browse to yo...
I have a Zillow account and partially sponsor a local zip code. They didn't have anyone in a nearby zip code that is NOT part of my MLS, but they put me there anyway. I have been sending these leads to an agent in that area, and have received an $800. referral check. I am getting more and more hi...
It seems that lately I am getting 50% less comments than I was a year ago. I have a couple of thoughts on why, 1. There are far more of us than there were a year ago, so there are too many posts to read. 2. This time of day is a very popular time for people to post, so they are making less commen...
I know the Stott's and the guys at ReTechulous have great programs, and it amazes me what they give away for free or nearly free. I applaud them for their good hearts. I am a hairs breathe away from signing up for their coaching at Your Coaching Matters. Does anyone have any experience with them?
Good morning everyone! I do a lot of BPO's but none have lead to listings. I know my fellow Keys agents won't help, and frankly I don't blame them. Can anyone / everyone tell me what BPO company work actually leads to listings? I know Clear Capitol states that all their work has you name on it, b...
I recently received a call from a buyer who road through their favorite neighborhood, and low and behold, a new for sale sign on a property. They called me and I immediately went to my local MLS and punched in the address, it wasn't there! They also gave me the listing agents name, so I searched ...
I have been a member of Active Rain for many years, and I have been very active and so so active, depending on what is going on in my life. I was please when I received a call from Market Leader applauding my many points, I was just the kind of Realtor they want to receive leads from them, all fo...
I completed the BPOR course back in October and submitted all my paperwork to LSI. As of yet I have not received a single order from them. Does anyone have this certification, and if so, have you received any work from it? Also, how about the CDPE, any experience with that?
I currently do BPO's for Clear Capitol, Core Logic, EMortgage Logic, Old Dominion and others. I was having a converstion with someone the other day who stated that they no longer do BPO's unless it leads to a listing. What companies BPO work leads to listings? After 100's of BPO (they really help...

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