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I am considering adding yet another set of initials after my name, but before putting out $600. I thought I would ask my fellow Rainer's their opinion. Do you have it? Is it worth it? Do you recommend taking it online or in a classroom? Is there a yearly fee after the initial $600? I have taken o...
11/1/11. Yep, it is the third installment this year of multiple 1's. It follows 1/1/11 and 1/11/11. To come is 11/11/11, which will be the most fun of all! Next year we have 1/2/12 and 12/12/12... May it be an auspicious day for all!
Has anyone seen or heard anything about a contest for this month? (November, 20110). I am in the mood to win a bunch of points from Active Rain! Now that we are heading into the end of the year I am ready to create new habits.
I have not been able to find a post on a contest for November 2011. Has anyone seen one? Isn't there on at least every month? If any one has any info I one, please let me know. You've got to love the 'Rain!
The buyer needed to sign Wednesday to keep their lock. The Seller signed Thursday morning at 9:30 AM in Miami. We asked that the person presenting the papers bring my check. They said they couldn't fund until the afternoon. Has anyone this happen? It used to be we would get a check at closing. Is...
This morning I started getting comments on older posts. Not only a couple of weeks ago, but all the way back to last March! My in box was getting flooded with comment e-mail. One, then five, then over twenty.  Now this might sound like a great thing, more comments mean more points, but give me a ...
I have received a comment on just about every post I ever made this morning, which is really jamming my e-mail. Has any one else had this happen? Is there a way to stop it? Is some nasty person trying to sabotage Active Rain?
I have a couple of new listings, and after a week, received notification from Trulia that they were now on their system. That was great news, so I stopped by to see how they looked. I was very surprised to see that I had inquiries from my Trulia account which I had never received.One from last Ja...
  Located bay front in Islamorada, in the Florida Keys, 110 Gumbo Limbo Lane is on a huge .72 acres. This property is a half mile from the highway down an unpaved road. There are few homes on this street offering privacy that is uncommon in the Keys. Yes, you own the bay bottom so you can build a...
Gee, I am not a huge gambling fan, but I like Black Jack. I just saw an ad for Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fl. that is advertising $5.00 Black Jack all day and all night. I have stayed there before, and was always frustrated by the fact there were no $5.00 tables. Now I can go back and enjoy. It is a...

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