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I started tracking the area’s real estate performance monthly since 2009, and this is the first time in the past nine years that December had a lower number of sales compared to November. December came in about 17% below December 2017. Interestingly enough this year had the highest performing Nov...
2017 started off on the lighter side for local housing sales, but jumped back to life in March.  Other than four months every month say decent positive gain over the same period last year.  Median home price continues to rise rise as well.  Let’s take a look at some key areas.Number of SalesWith ...
Home sales in Flagler County saw decent gains in regards to the number of sales over 2016 in both March & April coming in at about +16% & +14% respectively.  This was good news especially since home sales during those months were down in 2016 vs 2015.  May of this year however is a slightly diffe...
I know, it’s always kind of unnerving to hear “sales are down”.  The truth is that it is not anything very alarming when taking the other factors into account.  The truth is that the housing market in Flagler County remains very healthy and on the right track.  Let ‘s look at the key areas.Number...
As a homeowner for 11 years now inMatanzas Woods, I get asked what is going on in the market quite often.  Since the closure of the Matanzas Golf Course around 2008, we have all seen an impact on values coupled with the drop in the market since that time.  There is a lot of speculation surroundin...
There should be no doubt at this point that the Palm Coast & Flagler County is not only recovering, but is more in the recovered phase.  Although this year started off a little light compared to the first two month of 2014, the area is up 10% with 1,144 residential house sales through June compar...
2015 started off slightly down with January and February both 4% under the number of sales compared to 2014, but the area rallied last month and took off.  March had 202 residential houses close which was around a 27% gain compared to March 2014, and bringing the total number of sales at around +...
This past December finished up as one of the strongest for real estate home sales in recent years with 194 residential house sale closings.  This was about 15% higher than the December 2013 and the highest number of closings in a December going back to 2009.  For the year, the area saw about a 2%...
After a somewhat weaker March this year, residential home sales picked up in April and May coming in almost “flat” compared to last year’s sales.  Visit my “Market reports” section for more stats.  Let’s take a look at some highlights: Sales There were about 199 residential houses sold in May 201...
As I said last week, March residential house sales in Flagler County saw a dip in performance compared to March of 2013, when the number of sales this year came in at -22%.  April thus far this year has had 62 closings for residential houses in Flagler County bringing the total to 498 year-to-dat...

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