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I'm not an agent, so I do not have the unique perspective of the market that the agents do, but I can share my thoughts and opinions with those who would like to hear them.
 Several times during the last few months I have heard the guys get off the phone with a potential listing client and sigh heavily.Lost the listing...because they told the truth, instead of what someone else wanted to hear.My guys won't list a home if the seller has an unrealistic expectation of ...
My previous post detailed the repainting of a formerly pink master bedroom. Not a few weeks later, we received an offer on the home.Irony? Perhaps. I am glad it happened, and hopefully it reminds these particular sellers that no matter how much they (she) may like various shades of pink, pastel g...
...something can sound totally different... This is basically why we give our clients showing reports verbatim. Hey, seller, someone ELSE said this about your house.(Plus, if we can get them to meet with Kim, she can tell them the unwashed truth without having to worry about losing their listing)...
This post is an afterthought of reading Anna's Marketing Ideas blog. These are the websites which I update every time we 1.) get a new listing, 2.) take new photos of a listing, 3.) change the price of a listing, etc. Some are free, some are not.If there is a site that you use that allows you to ...
We've got a client now who has a very beautiful, uniquely laid-out house. It is a delightful house, but the innards were definitely designed by two empty-nesters. Next to the house is a 1200-sq ft outbuilding in which their business was housed. It is a very nice setup--trees all around, amazing l...
Nick has been to several of our listings during the past few weeks, shoveling snow and de-icing various things (lockboxes?). I am amazed at how much more work it means for Real Estate Agents when it snows. Nobody wants to go outside, so guess who volunteers to run paperwork back and forth between...
So yeah...it turned into a pretty nice day.  What kid would want to go to school on a day like today?? I know I sure wouldn't want to be out driving in that full sun!!*shudder* :)
Yeah, that's right. I said it. I have ESP. Actually, I think all women were blessed with a bit of the voodoo--that's how we know what kids are doing all the time. Many of the local schools are closed for the day because of the heavy fog that has wrapped the region. I took a photo in case you don'...
 This blog is not to introduce myself, but to introduce my two furkids, Sumo and Pearl. Sumo is an Akita mix (mixed with what we don't know, but we estimate it must have been something big, like a Great Dane, because he is huge), and Pearl is a purebred Akita. We adopted Sumo in 2004 from the Hum...
My boss keeps telling me that my unique perspective as an assistant to two of the most personally polar opposite agents in the county would be interesting. He didn't say "of the most personally polar opposite." I added that.So for my first blog, I offer you a tidbit of information that the nation...

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