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What an exciting time to buy a house! You just turned 30, got a new job, and feel ready to take the next step of your life. However, you might be concerned that the new job that made buying your first home more affordable could risk your chance of getting a loan.Many first-time buyers are just ge...
What exciting news after you found a home to buy and have applied for a mortgage! But, before you begin the mortgage process, it’s important to keep your finances as similar as possible until the closing day. While you’re waiting to close, a few helpful tips may help the process go as smooth as p...
Ever wonder if you can get your dream home either before it goes on the market or right after? Negotiating for a home that’s been on the market can be stressful! Especially for first time buyers looking to search for a buy a home with less competition.Here are some secrets for finding your dream ...
Finding your dream home might take a while, so when you find the one, the next move is to make an offer.  Unfortunately, buying a house isn’t a handshake deal nor a verbal agreement, but with the right tools and a good offer, you can end up receiving the keys to your new house.Check out these neg...
Many people like yourself are looking for ways to save money for a new home. Sometimes, it can start to feel like you don’t have enough money for a down payment.If you are concerned about saving up money, you aren’t alone. Coming up with the money for a down payment can be one of the most intimid...
As you start to search for your dream home, you may be open to the range of options. One of those choices you may face is deciding on whether to buy or build your own. Each option has its pros and cons. For instance, building a home gives you the opportunity to customize a floor plan, however, it...
Increasing mortgage rates and housing prices may make it tough for your kids to own a home. However, families appear to be helping the younger buyers purchase a home. Before you lend a hand, here are three ways parents can help make it more affordable for first time buyers to purchase a home. Gif...
There have been a lot of myths floating around about millennials not being interested in home purchases. Maybe you’ve heard that they still live with their parents due to student loan debt, don’t have a 20% down payment or they have no interest in settling down. In reality, more Millennial homebu...
It’s that time of the year. Once you get serious about buying a house, it’s time to start house hunting. But before you dedicate your weekend to visiting every open house, you need to know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, the process of shopping for your dream home could get pretty overwhelmin...
Your story starts with dreaming, as many do, then searching for your perfect home. You started to have lots of conversations about the kind of house you wanted to shop for. You started to casually shop online. One day, you stopped by just in time to see this one house for sale. So, you called an ...

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