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Many Nashville condo owners, affected by the recent economy and facing possible Home Owner Association dues increase in the new year, may feel helpless to turn the tide of rising expenses. In fact, that's not so. The dues ‘tide' is composed of many ‘droplets'. Together they swell to form cumulati...
It's been a long time in the area since home prices dropped to these levels. Even with bargains piling up out there, it's still rare to find the 'perfect storm' of value that you'll find in this Madison home.   Starting outside, you'll know this home is special by the large yard with beautiful vi...
I wanted to call it, Werthan Lofts Bring Christmas Cheer to Cheatham Place. But when I thought about it, that's not really fair. So I thought maybe, Cheatham Place Brings Christmas Cheer to Werthan Lofts. You decide. You may recall when I blogged about Cheatham Place previously - it's a Metro Dev...
In part 2 of this series, we take a look at the answer to the question, "WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS IF I AM FACING A SHORT SALE?" We already established in Decoding the Short Sale Mystery: Part 1, that selling short, while not the only option, might be one of the best ones. When facing the type of fina...
If you'd asked me, "What's a short sale?" three years ago, I would have looked at you funny or quipped something whitty like, "10 days". Not because I didn't know, but because you most likely didn't need to. There was almost no such thing in a market where the qualifications for loans and refi's ...
WHAT'S GOING ON WITH OUR NASHVILLE REAL ESTATE MARKET???? Nervous buyers and sellers are asking some tough questions these days. Questions like: How do I know my home won't lose value the minute I purchase? When do you think the market will hit the bottom? Will our home prices continue to fall in...
Technically the north side of Hume Street is Salemtown. The dividing line on the community plan is in the middle of the street that separates the old Werthan Bag Factory from the homes on Hume Street. That's why I refer to this latest project as 'the modern edge'. For some years now, the few opti...
You may remember back to the Third Annual Heart and Soul Party. That was in 2006 and it was the first year the event moved to Werthan Lofts. Here we are, two years later and this fundraiser for the American Heart Association is planning its 5th and biggest year ever! HISTORY Kate Bishop created t...
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