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Where will you be during the 'Rocket's Red Glare' this July 4th? In Nashville, you have a lot of options. You could fight the traffic and the crowds and make your way to the riverfront. Crane your necks and cover your ears to see the fireworks just overhead. Or you could join one of the local nei...
Hungry for something new to do in Nashville? Not the usual movies, music, shopping or arts - but some actual FOOD? On most days in Nashville, you may find yourself racking your brain for which of our city's finest eateries you will choose. On most days, once you get all gussied up and get to that...
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Come home to dramatic views, impressive finishes and unparalleled space in this towering penthouse, located in the Glen. This is a rare chance to live in one of Nashville’s most desirable new communities near the heart of Hillsboro Village. An exclusive development of only 38 units, The Glen brin...
It's not often a free night on the town comes along that includes this level of culture and fun. If you haven't been to Nashville Downtown's First Saturday Art Crawl...or just haven't been in awhile; don't miss the next one on Saturday, June 7th! The event's sponsor, the Nashville Downtown Partne...
A confession: When I bought my first home with a large garden - a cottage garden to be specific - I had plans to level it and plant something I considered more low maintenance. I soon discovered that a cottage garden truly is low maintenance, if you choose to treat it that way. I also discovered ...
A speaker in a recent Real Estate Coaching Class commented that the past few years of real estate have been a little too easy on real estate agents. He went on to say that our listing skills might have gotten a little lazy and maybe we should re-evaluate...sharpen some skills that might be necess...
There are pioneers in Nashville. No, this is not a blog about Rachel Donelson. (Bonus points for those of you who knew she was an original settler who later became Mrs. Andrew Jackson. Half credit for those who googled to find this out.) The pioneers to whom I refer are those who havecreated the ...
Sellers, does your neighborhood have a singular, sensational feature? Or many? Something that makes your home special because of the small square block area in which it sits? You've lived there awhile. Maybe you take this thing (or these things) that make your neighborhood special for granted. Li...
Sometimes we forget the important things. We don't mean to. They just get lost in the daily grind between balancing the cell phone on our shoulder, packing the bag lunches, waking up the family, writing the blog and filling in the day's to-do list, for example. So this Monday morning is a good o...

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