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What you are looking at is a rare marketing opportunity that presents itself only once in decades. It's one of those oppotunities I only hope I have had enough coffee and enough time on my hands to realize. (OK, I made up the part about time on my hands.)That large wing of the Lofts at Werthan mi...
Realtors...Home Buyers...Home Sellers...gather round for an honest dialog on open houses. OK, for the moment, it's a monologue. But I am hoping your equally honest (an hopefully gentle) comments will change that. I am not trying to stir up controversy...rather to get the problem and potential sol...
I just turned 41 yesterday. Yikes. I wanted something different for my 13th 28th birthday.  So I asked for snow. I know it's a stretch; since I live in Nashville, TN. But when I woke up to a cloudy 35 degree birthday that looks poised for some mix of wet, miserable seemed like the right...
Or will it? I think not. I've seen my picture. It does not say to people, "My goodness...that girl makes me just want to put countless miles on my car and peek into other people's lives in the hopes that where they live now could be the place that I will soon call HOME!"  Nor does it inspire peop...
No, I am not flaming the eco-building community. I am referring literally to GARBAGE! Piles and piles of it. Dumpsters full. Being carted off to our landfills while we do our best to install bamboo floors and paper countertops and energy star appliances. If we want to renovate responsibly, with a...
Probably. But what are we to do when faced with this challenge:Dear friend wants us to list a condo he has spent months renovating...To his tastes, which are decidedly more conservative and traditional than the typical loft buyer... In a historic loft conversion (where we also happen to live)...F...
There are some days when the stress just gets to you! I'm sure you've had those days. Lots of little loose ends to tie upToo many appointments and too little time Difficult issues to resolveYucky, gray, cold weatherYou'd prefer to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed!Today is one of those...
Spring is coming faster than we think! And it's time for boz and I to finish up our first foray into green living at our own personal home...OUR GREEN ROOFTOP. We live in an urban re-development....Werthan Lofts in Germantown, Nashville, TN. You may know the place. It is rumored to be the factory...
I have heard the old anthem from many a contractor:There are 3 outcomes in this business:1. Good2. Fast3. Cheap Pick Two! Because you'll never get all three in one.BALONEY!  (Said by the girl who has always questioned authority!)Let's take a kitchen backsplash, for example. It needs to be water t...
The hardest part about making the commitment to more eco-conscious choices is the little things. The big things and many of the lifestyle things were easy:shop locally - reduce food milesprint double sided, if at allfarmer's marketgreen cleaning fluidscompostingunplugging chargersyou get the idea...

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