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The key word for this blog is 'difference'. But how do we be different when all of us are essentially doing the same thing...Helping connect our client to the home they want to buyHelping connect the home our client wants to sell with it's new owner WAIT A MINUTE! Are we really doing the same thi...
The last post was really long. I owe you a really short one. That doesn't mean it can't contain some inspiration. Some of this applies to real estate - other parts just to living in general. “Understand - This is not a dress rehearsal. It's your life!”     -  Jim Donovan   "Security is mostly a s...
In my continuing effort to sharpen the axe I need to remind myself (and hopefully one or two of you if anyone is reading) about where my business came from and where it will continue to come from for many more years. It has been so rare in my life as a Realtor (or previous lives as Technology Dir...
About two years ago, one of my favorite sales managers ever, Paul Thompson, told me a story that I was thinking about this morning. It's a story of two lumberjacks, new to the camp. They were put to a test in the local bar and asked to both go out back and chop down as many trees as they could in...
ok. This is blog1. Actually it's blog2 because I already blog the most recent bozTEAM renovation project on (shameless plug!). It's time to start a real estate blog, though. Not just comments about pertinent flipping issues...but what's going on in my head related to real estat...

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