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This is the my ACTIVE RAIN blog. Paul Jones with Kansas City Regional Homes, Olathe KS. I am a buyers agent or sellers agent licensed in Kansas and Missouri by their respective Board of Realtors
City of Olathe Offers a New Yard Cart Program Are you tired of purchasing those paper yard waste bags?  Stuffing and squishing those bags to their maximum capacity and right before the pick-up day it pours rain and they get soaking wet.  You try to move them to the curb and the bag rips and you h...
City of Olathe to complete the BNSF "Quiet Zone"Has anyone noticed the decrease in train noise in the City of Olathe?  We certainly have.  We are one of the fortunate families that live in between the railroad tracks in Olathe.  We have heard the improvement with the completion of the overpass f...
  What a weekend!  It started with the Republican VP choice to the opening of the RNC, with Gustov in between.  It has been a stressful weekend for those of you who are from the Gulf Coast.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  It is looking like the hurricane is passed and most of the states ...
It appears this is focused just to Kansas and Missouri Re/Max Agents, but please continue to read if you are outside this area.   The information will apply to all Re/Max offices across the U.S.  I will say in advance, I am sure many of you already know about this feature, but many may not or it...
 Here's a question I have been pondering for quite a while and I thought would make a good discussion topic:  Do you personally think, as a realtor, that you need to drive a better, more expensive car that usually gets lousy gas mileage to impress your clients?  I know that we need something that...
I write to you today to say I am sorry for not following the guidelines in your group.  I guess I can use the excuse of being a NEWBIE that caused this little misunderstanding.  It was brought to my attention today that I posted some blogs in this group that did not belong.  I did briefly look at...
Is it just me or is the year that I thought I was going to have to forget going to be a year to remember? I wasn't around 4 or 5 years ago during the Halcyon Days when, I'm told that all a Realtor had to do was put a sign in the yard and the bidding war began.  I'm sure that more than a few sales...
I know that I am at risk of being "flogged" by my entire community with my next topic.  But, here I go anyway.  It seems that many of you are very negative about what you call "Buying Leads" and the "Tele-marketing" agents as you so lovingly refer to them.  I have said many times in some response...
Can you believe it.  They Royals beat the White Sox today and it was Nationally Televised.  Way to go Royals.  They have not had such a good season this year.  But, they have won two out of the three games that I attended this year.  ( I must be good luck ) My family and I  like to go for a famil...
This may sound like a strange way to start a post but I had the pleasure(?) yesterday of visiting my local DMV and, during my extended stay, I had lots of time to ponder life.  Aside from calling many clients (a little hard to do with all of the background noise), I started to think about how the...

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