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Title:  How to Avoid Low Values on VA AppraisalsKaren Deis, Publisher,   Way back in 2003, the Veterans Adminstration launched the "Tidewater Appraisal Process",  allowing appraisers to request additional sales information prior to the completion of the appraisal. If the...
What To Do If You Forgot Your Measuring Tape So,you just arrived at your listing appointment and you forgot your measuring tape.   Here's a quick way to measure practically anything--if you need to come up with dimentions or estimates right away!  Quarter - About 1" in diameter Paper Money - It's...
 What Was Your Most Memorable Closing?  That’s the question I posted on Facebook recently and got 18 hilarious and not-so-funny responses.  I wanted to share some of them with you          I had one where I had to separate the family.  The property was in an estate and one thought they should get...
Do your clients qualify for the brand new, HomeReady(r) loan.  It's probably the best 3% downpayment loan out there today--because they've eliminated the strict downpayment documentation.  Here are the deails to ask your lender about and here's a link to an interactive map.  Just enter the addres...
Rules for Dropping Mortgage InsuranceWhat you and your clients should know! Yep, there’s a disclosure for that!  But what do the PMI termination rules really mean to the average person? CFPB Rules for Dropping Conventional Mortgage Insurance – Effective  August 2015 Borrower-requested termination...
Did you know that the underwriting rules are about to change for FHA hombuyers?  So, here's the dealio...For over 40 years, FHA underwriting bible was called the 4155 handbook.  The new verison of the FHA bible (#4000.1) goes into effect on September 14, 2015.  Why would you care about it now? Be...
What You need to Know about Mortgage Credit Certificates It’s seems like what is Old, is new again—and Mortgage Credit Certificates are making a comeback. A little bit about the history of the program—it was authorized by Congress as part of the 1984 Tax Reform Act. For those of you who were not ...
  Why You Need to Know About the New Rules for Faster “Short Sale” Turn Around Times!    The horror stories are everywhere.  Short-sale approvals have dragged on and on.  Borrowers and real estate agents don’t hear a peep from anyone.  Clients give up and let the home go into foreclosure.  That’s...
People always ask me how I got an average of 30 people to my home buying seminars? How I got that many people at each event was marketing to apartment complexes with the headline that said "When Your Lease is Up, Do You Know Where You Are Going to Live? Timing is everything!  Apartment managers w...
Do you have a way of proving, I mean really PROVING that you are a real estate expert?    How would you like to occupy a "special category" in the minds of your clients?  The special category of REAL ESTATE EXPERT.  We all know that you are one-but how do you prove it?  By keeping in touch by ema...

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