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Are these people nuts?  Not sure what you did last evening, but here in Destin, FL shoppers were lined up before midnight just waiting to get into the stores for the mad rush for shopping.  I prefer to miss all of that and shop online.  What did you do?  Were you in the madness? I drove by the Si...
This is my offer of compensation.   I had an agent turn this down today.  I am wondering, would you take this listing? Listing Possibility at Dolphin Cay Condominium Complex in St. Petersburg, FL. Example below. BOTH SIDES AT 5% COMMISSION $500,000 x .05 = $25,000 Commission $25,000 x .25% = $6,2...
I just read a news article about a sherrif in Walton County, Florida who was arrested for a DUI going 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.  He was arrested by another co-worker when he was pulled over and he refused to take the breathilizer test.  I was out last night as well and had two glasses of wine and ...
Yesterday I joined friends for a bike ride along Hwy. 30A.  What fun.  Highway 30A is a scenic 19 mile stretch of bike trails and old Florida atmosphere.  Height limits on Hwy. 30A are 50 feet and it is so nice not to have to worry about high density and high rises here.  It is very scenic with l...
Okay, I live in Florida.  Yes, the Panhandle.  Last night I had to turn the heat on for about an hour just to get the chill out of the place.  I had to wear winter gloves and a headband with a turtleneck and sweatpants this morning for my walk with the dogs.  It was chilly.  I like the cooler wea...
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all of the holidays.  No expectations, just pure out and out thanks and gratitude for all that we have.  No time to think about what we don't have.  There are so many others with less.  I start my day with a gratitude walk daily.  I thank my lucky stars for ...
Okay, here you go.  Grab a book, any book, no the closest book (not the Bible) but a Novel near you. Go to page 66 of the book and type the fifth line below.  Let's see what type of book we can write together.  Okay, I will start.   "When I got home a few minutes later, Jenny came out to meet us,...
I recently bought tickets to see Natalie Cole at the Ft. Walton Beach convention center and Natalie was sick so they replaced her with Roberta Flack.  Roberta is fine, but I really wanted to see Natalie Cole.  I called immediately and was told by an employee of Sinfonia that I would be given a re...
In Fort Walton Beach there was a very heavy statue of Santa stolen on Friday night from a family's front porch.  This Santa was first discovered to be stolen by the Granddaughter of the owners who spotted it missing first.  A local police officer did see a Jeep Cherokee with a Santa strapped to t...
This Mama and her baby were seen in the Destin Harbor.  Just one of the beautiful things you can see while living here.   Sting Rays Migrate in November for mating.  Seen in the waters off of Crab Island in Destin.

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