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Real Estate Tax Bill are being mailed out here in Great Falls.  Remember to check if your taxes and insurance are escrowed by your mortgage lender/bank.  I get lots of questions this time of year about, "Wow, I just got a bill ... and I thought my taxes are escrowed".  I always remind my clients ...
The bulk of my market is single family residential.  I do and have sold many million dollar listings.  The inexperienced may think that million dollar listings here in Montana should be treated the same as $100,000 listings.  Whether it be a home or a ranch a million dollar listing requires speci...
Well, as we are fast approaching fall and the "election" I must remind myself to prepare for the upcoming Holidays and winter.  This makes me think of all the neat things I actually got done this past spring and summer and trips I want to plan. Despite what many of my out of state and out of coun...
This is another very important article about lawn fertilizers and pesticides, that many overlook or don't even think about.  I have horses and a pony and dogs and a rabbit and a cat and a 4 year old daughter.  We all love a nice lawn, but we must be conscience of what pesticides and herbicides do...
This is a very good post I just read and I would like to share it with those of you who are reading my blog and information. Kelly Parks Not all sellers understand that their asking price is the ultimate determination of whether they will sell their property or not. Not only does the asking price...
Okay, here is the thing with our housing market.  We do not have all the wild excitement of other markets, so we don't have big highs and big lows in real estate here in Great Falls, Montana.  Our market is pretty boring, as it just plugs along.  So when people ask me how we are dong, because the...
One thing to note in Great Falls, Montana is that we are a pretty relaxed community.  I have learned that many of my clients just want to be treated fairly.  They do not want to dress up to meet with their Realtor.  They do not want to be intimidated by their Realtor either.  Many real estate dea...
I love living in Great Falls, Montana.  It is pretty safe compared to many other places in the country.  People here are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.  Schools are very highly rated, although our teachers are not well paid at all.  It is a dry climate and can get bone chilling cold...

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