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I beg to say, have you ever had this happen.  While out showing a property a year ago, it had startes a terrential downpour of rain.  While running from my clients car to mine, I dropped my phone unknowingly.  I was sitting in my truck watching the four in the Camry in front of me drive away when...
I have often wondered how many successful agent choose the right builder for their custom build clients needs.  I have one that is coming up in 9 months and just as a poll would like to put this out there to agents who are seasoned in this process. How do you select a "good builder" other than th...
1. Make a list of all of the amenities that are close by in the neighborhood you are considering as your new residence.  Keep in mind what distances and routes to each of these places are acceptable and what are not. Do you ride the city bus? Are you in need of Disability amenities? 2.  Determine...
This is more city specific to Clarksville, TN.  It is about recycling.  Why is it that our county landfill recycles at their facility and not at the consumers mailbox.  I have found that most cities recycle plastics, glass and paper products right from the curb.  I find it hard to belive that aft...
How many times have you heard as an agent that it is "bad market and we dont want to sell in a bad market" How are you educating your sellers?  Even in our distressed times with foreclosures popping up on every block we are still selling a large number of homes here in our market. I deal in a lot...
Just wondering has anyone ever had problems with points posting in real time on active rain.  I have had this problem numerous times.  Do not know if I am the only on.  It could be something in my antivirus or whatever just curious.  Let me know if you have a resolution or have had this issue
Ever stop and wonder how that mortgage broker from out of state managed to find your name and address? Or how the unfamiliar home improvement company that called you last night knew you were shopping around for windows? We often give out our name, address and phone number without a second thought...
Choosing to build your dream house is a major financial investment. Your home should be your haven, providing both the functionality you need and the atmosphere you want at a price you can afford. To achieve the house of your dreams take the time to plan and evaluate your specific wants and needs...
If high heating bills and mystery drafts are causing a chill in your love affair with your home, it may be time to consider replacing your windows. The government system for rating energy efficiency of home products, ENERGY STAR, reports that average homeowners spend nearly 50 percent of their ye...
Will the internet do to real estate agents what it's done to travel agents? That question has incited fear among some in the real estate world. The recent launch of a do-it-yourself real estate website by one of the founders of has given new urgency to the discussion. Yet the fact rem...

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