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Good morning!I woke today to the sound of rain…I could hear the drops hitting my roof. Hitting my windows…  In some ways the sounds were comforting. After all, I was warm and dry in my bed, safe from the outside world… In other ways, I felt the weather matched my emotions… The night had been a li...
Good morning!So here I sit. Wednesday morning. November 20th. 6:13 am…The morning is dark. My house is very quiet… I woke today from a wonderful night’s rest. It was a night of deep sleep and happy dreams… My morning began in great comfort. Happy in my comfy warm bed, I found myself full of grati...
Good morning!I woke this morning determined…Determined to take a few moments. Determined to invest some time in myself…To write. To put pen to paper. To put my thoughts down and post it for the world to see…To say whatever it is I have to say, even if I feel there is nothing to say…Because writin...
Back in the winter of 2007, I was a very new agent with only a year and a half of selling real estate under my belt… At the time, I was cocky. Heck, I still am cocky. At least a little bit… Anyway, this was 2007. Before I had discovered Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any other social media plat...
Good morning!!I woke this morning praying for angels…Last night, I had an interesting talk with a friend from work. We discussed life, challenges, and our days… She was able to offer insights into a bit of what I was facing as we had shared some common experiences… She had built businesses before...
Good morning!I woke this morning from a deep sleep…The house was quiet. So quiet that I lay for a few minutes and enjoyed the silence… As I lay there comfortably, my thoughts slowly shifted to the day in front of me. My schedule. What needed to get done… And while there is still work to do, as th...
Good morning!!I woke this morning peaceful. Optimistic. Excited... For in front of me, at least for the next 30 minutes, I am able to do something that only recently I have discovered gives me joy… To write. To share. To tell my little story… Yesterday I had been challenged to come up with my dre...
Good morning!Last night I was challenged by a friend…She asked me to write my own story.  A vision statement. Everything I wanted my life to be in 6 months… What would it look like?  What would I be doing? Who would I be with? Where would I be living?  One of those, “What would you do if you were...
 I have spoken with lots of people over the last few months, many of which are recently out of relationships. Both women and men…Funny, everyone wants love, yet good relationships seem to evade so many of us… I have a hunch. Not sure I am right, but still a hunch… We all say our exes were toxic. ...
Good morning!I woke this morning with thoughts of a friend…Just before bedtime last night, my boss had reached out to me. She wanted me to know that one of my good friends at work had been admitted to the hospital earlier in the day… Chest pains. Certainly a scary thing for those of us north of 5...

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