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Good evening… It is 5:49 pm, December 31st.  New Years Eve… Two years ago today, I was invited to celebrate New Years Eve by a young woman at her home in Aurora… I didn’t have any plans for the evening, and was excited for the invite… The woman told me she didn’t have much to offer.  It would be ...
Good morning!It is Thursday morning. December 19th. A cold morning with temperatures in Naperville in the mid teens…I sit at my computer. My fingers bounce on the keyboard, typing words and thoughts, yet none of the words seem to be coming together in any worthwhile, cohesive story… This is unusu...
Good morning!Tuesday morning. 6:24 AM.I am at my “desk”. Not really a desk. Just my couch, my feet up on the coffee table, my laptop on my lap… The morning is good. It is dark outside and will be for a bit longer. The mornings are very dark at this date in mid December… As I sip my coffee, listen...
Good morning!!When I woke this morning, the clock on my phone read 5:50 am…I had hoped to sleep in a bit later, as my plans for the morning weren’t urgent… Yes, I had written a long "to do" list the night before. The list had actually filled up a whole page in my journal… However, those “to dos” ...
Good morning!It is Sunday morning December 15th. The clock reads 7:21 as I sit on my couch, touching the keys on my computer and relaxing peacefully…My girls are asleep in their rooms. They both had big days yesterday, so I don’t expect them to be emerging for at least a couple more hours… I love...
Good morning!I woke this morning thinking of relationships…The kind of relationships that can break your heart as well as make it sing… After what was an emotional and drama filled spring and summer, I had decided to swear off dating in early August… I knew I had work to do on myself. I wanted to...
Good morning!I woke this morning thinking of ghosts…Not the ghosts that you see in a horror movie. And certainly not the Casper the Friendly Ghost kind… The ghosts that were on my mind were those of people from my past. People that at one time played a large role in my life, but for reasons of su...
Good morning!!I woke this morning from a deep sleep. Nine hours of nearly uninterrupted bliss…After starting my coffee, I opened my blinds to see the day, and was pleasantly surprised to see snow falling down, and a light coating already on the ground… Such a beautiful sight. Fresh. Clean. Fun… F...
Good morning!I woke today in great comfort…The kind of comfort that can only come from a warm and safe bed on a cold, dark December morning… And I wallowed in that comfort. Peacefully laying in bed for 30 minutes after waking, my thoughts were calm and happy… The moment was good. I was safe in my...
Good morning!I woke this morning thinking of optimism…Where does it come from?  Why do some people look at the world in a glass half full sort of way, while others always seem to see life with the glass half empty? Why are some people dreamers, while others are “realists”? A friend texted me just...

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