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Good afternoon!!As many of you know, my first marriage ended about 8 years ago…The following years were very difficult for me. I experienced loneliness. Depression. An overwhelming feeling of lost identity…For many years, I had thought of myself a happily married father of two beautiful girls. Bu...
 Good morning!!I woke up on this cool and sunny Friday morning feeling down…Perhaps it was the series of bad dreams I had throughout the night, but I think it was something more… I find myself with a heavy heart of late… Some of it I can attribute to a family issue I have been working through, bu...
Good morning!!Today is Monday, June 1st. The start of a new week. The start of a new month…The morning is cool but beautiful. I sit outside on my front patio, facing east, watching the sun peek through the trees… Despite the serene setting, I am feeling anxious. My mood the last few days has not ...
Ann Marie and I live an almost idyllic life. We are happy, healthy, and live in a beautiful neighborhood in the city of Naperville…We also live a life full of dreams. Dreams for ourselves. Dreams for our family. And dreams of our future…We dream of buying a new home. A home large enough to accomm...
Good morning!!These are certainly crazy times we are living in…With the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, our health and the health of our loved ones is threatened daily… Our financial health is also at risk. With most of the population quarantined in their homes and practicing social distancing, m...
Good afternoon!!Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon was one of those gorgeous days in early spring that make the winters in Naperville seem worthwhile…It was March 8th, the temperature was over 60 degrees, and there was endless sunshine Just a gorgeous day to be out and about… After a busy morning fille...
Paint is a topic that pops up with nearly all of our sellers..."Do I need to paint my home?" "What color?" "Will it make a difference in the sale price?"Often, we recommend that sellers put a fresh coat of paint on their walls prior to listing their home. It gives the home a fresh look and fresh ...
Good morning!Since the start of the New Year, Ann Marie and I have indulged (over indulged?) in a steady stream of big breakfasts, fattening lunches, and delicious dinners prepared by Ann Marie…When you combine that with the seemingly endless amount of social activities that she and I attend with...

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