In my orientation classes for the newbies, I always stress the importance of comments.  How they can slingshot your name into the community and keep the conversation going.  If you agree with what the author is saying, awesome say so.  If you don't, awesome say so!  Comments are the butter to any...
Last weekend we went to the Chihuly Exhibit in Seattle for my Mom's bday.  What an amazing artist he is.  Have you ever been to the Bellagio in Vegas?  The ceiling in their reception area is his.  A local celebrity in Seattle, we love seeing his work.
What a fabulous idea for anyone in the biz.  No time to spare, get cracking on these ideas and gear up for a successful 2014! Congrats to all the Rainers quoted in this article, fabulous content! The holidays are here! It’s time time to turn off the cell phone, put the business aside, and forget ...
Well pass the eggnog and tickle my nose pink...what a fabulous community we have! Our 2013 Winter MeetUps consisted of 44 MeetUps around the country with over 300 Rainers in attendance!  I understand there are so many things pulling you in different directions this time of year; and yet you still...
Henry and Lola are obviously trying to get on the Nice list!
News hit today that millions of passwords were hacked from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo and other outlets.  Check out the full article here. What kills me is that most of the passwords were....drumroll please...password!  or 123456.  Really?  Using passwords like that are useless and not pr...
Many times we'll have a release and let you know about all the changes/updates you'll see on the 'Rain.  We mention SEO updates as well.  It's hard to show you the SEO updates as they're not really forward facing.   Our IT team does a fantastic job of staying ahead of the curve as well as quick t...
My nephew Alex is in town from Texas and I had the treat of watching him for a bit last night.  Now he didn't eat all his dinner but he did find room to finish the giant ice cream cookie sandwich.  Go figure!
Hot Cider and Buttered Rums are calling your name!  We live in a world of amazing Rainers who have found the time to set up a MeetUp in their area.  They understand the importance and warm fuzzies that come from being in the same room with other ActiveRain members. I am still elated from our Meet...
We couldn't let 2013 roll by without one more round of MeetUps!  I know how hectic the holiday season gets for everyone and sometimes you feel like Gumby getting pulled in 15 different directions.  But there's always time for your ActiveRain Family isn't there?!  (The answer to that question is ...

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