Thank you to those who participated in this absolutely hilarious list.  We compiled the top 31 secrets from agents across America and Canada into one funny, gif-filled article..  Many of you have asked where you can find the list, it was just published today on the Trulia Pro Blog.   31 Secrets R...
Big brother George holding new brother Henry.  I can already imagine the mischief these two will get into in the future.
Rainers!  We are currently running a sweeps on Trulia that could win you $200!  If you have a horror story you'd like to share, and stay anonymous of course, please do so below.  In a week we'll choose a random winner of a $200 gift card! The results of the other surveys we've taken recently will...
On Tuesday, September 23rd at 8:21pm my sister Caysie had her second child.  A boy, Henry Charles graced us at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  He is beautiful and tiny and all sorts of magical.   Can I just tell you how much torture it is not knowing what the sex/name is?!?  Caysie and Rob decided not to fi...
Feeling good and just wanted to check in with my favorite people.  If you're looking for fun this weekend I hope you find it.  And if you're looking to relax and kick back, well I hope you find that too. Have a wonderful weekend and do whatever it is that makes you HAPPY!!!  
Now that you've dished the secrets, let's switch it up a little bit.  What are the top loves about your profession?  What gets you up in the morning and makes you happy about your career?   Is it the feeling you get when you hand over the keys?  Or that moment you call your clients to let them kn...
Spill it Rainers!  The Trulia Pro Blog is going to compile a list of the top 20 Secrets Real Estate Agents Never Tell.  I think it's more of a Real Estate Pro thing so anyone in the real estate world is encouraged to submit their secrets. What do you secretly think or do in your day-to-day world?...
Hello Rainers!  I'm excited to be a part of an upcoming webinar on Trulia.  I'll admit I'm nervous too but I'll never let you see me shaking in my boots (I did just buy the cutest boot for Fall that I can't wait to rock).  Love you Summer but Fall fashion is my fave by far.  I feel like I may hav...
Trulia Pro just launched the Hidden Gems Photo Sweepstakes.  You're a real estate pro and you're out there in the field every day.  You know about the less-obvious highlights of your city so share it with us all.   Everyone knows about the Space Needle in Seattle but what about the Gum Wall or th...
George took a dip in my aunt's pool after a long car ride to Boise last weekend.

Kerrie La Guardia

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