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When choosing a home inspector, is it better to look for licensing or certification, or can you do just as well if not better by asking a friend or relative look over the house for you? Lets look briefly at all options. Certification:   There are many national organizations that offer certificati...
I would like to begin this blog entry with a pop quiz. Sorry I didn't give you any warning, but this should not be too hard. It consists of just one question, and it is a multiple choice. The question is; What is the cause of ice dams? A. Blocked rain gutters. B. Vagrant Squirrels. C. Congress. (...
     It's that time of year again, the time when grown men around the world settle back into their E-Z Chairs with a beer in one hand and chicken wings in the other for the opportunity to act like children for one last time. Or at least until another season rolls around. They will get to their ho...
I'm all for ways to save a few bucks here and there, after all, I am a self proclaimed cheapskate.  But I feel that there are some things that are best left to professionals. Brain surgery is one example, allow me to go on record and say that you should never attempt to do this yourself. Plumbing...
I typically have 2 types of people call my office, 3 if you count telemarketers, but who counts them? The first type is a prospective client who needs a house inspected and they have heard from a friend or a relative that I am the only inspector worth calling. It doesn't happen as often as I woul...
This week marks a new beginning, the dawn of a new era, an inaugural event of historical proportions. An event so unlikely that I never imagined that I would witness it in my lifetime. I am referring of course, to my first ever blog entry.    This is truly an unlikely event because at my age, lea...

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