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Real Estate information for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ybor City, and Hillsborough County, Florida. Tampa Bay frontage, vacation homes and cottages. Condos, apartment buildings, duplexes, doubles and investment income producing properties.
The top agents in your market area... are they better real estate agents, or better marketers?  The top agent in your area is the one who gets the most opportunities... and they get those opportunities by being out there in front of people... it's not because they are the best at the practice of ...
What a great way to leverage your time... Listen to motivational and educational CDs and audiobooks while you are doing other things!  Whether I am driving to an from the office, preparing dinner and doing dishes, folding laundry, walking thru the grocery store (while ready to network with other ...
I am really looking forward to visiting Las Vegas in February for Keller Williams' annual summit, Family Reunion!  The educational, networking, and motivating benefits will be well worth it.  If you haven't yet considered going to Family Reunion, please visit and regis...
How many emails do you send each day?  Each week?  Each month?  All year?  Do your emails help you grow your brand?  Mine do.I use a template for my emails to grow my brand with every email I send... it is fast and easy, and costs me only $19.95 for a full year!  I can send these "branded" emails...
I can hardly wait to get to Vegas for Family Reunion!  And I just heard that we'll have Ken Blanchard speaking on Wednesday!  Mandalay Bay is a great setting for this amazing opportunity to grow: to grow personally, professionally and to grow spiritually.I read The One Minute Manager a bunch of y...
The New York Times Sunday Book review featured today a wonderful business book about the role of hospitality in the business world. "Setting the Table--The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business" by Danny Meyer, a restaurateur in New York City.  Check out this review:
Are you doing your ten-five-fifteen-five?get 10 business cardsmake 5 phone callswrite 15 notes (to those prior 10 and 5)preview 5 propertiesThis is how you Lead Generate!In the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller and Dave Jenks explain it thus: You can attract business thru marketing, but ...
How do you keep in touch with your various leads?The Millionaire Real Estate Agent discusses lead generation and follow up and tracking and sourcing...  If you know your goals, then you can implement this simple plan in your Lead Generation Models.My plan is pretty simple:My "A" leads plan to buy...
Hey there:I was surfing our Keller Williams University website last week ( and found a brand new course offering entitled:"Internet Lead Generation: the only four models you need for going online and growing your business"So, being the education/training junkee that I am, I ord...
I mentioned earlier that a lender I met sent me a book entitled "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason... written in 1926, this is a timeless book on thrift and savings... reminds me a bit of the Poor Richard's Almanac written by Benjamin Franklin.Here is a quick bit from the book:"Lo, ...

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