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In this real estate market,many realtors including myself, have experienced difficulty in generating business or closing deals.  So , for this month I am going to shoot for a simple goal of one listing and one accepted offer.  My, goals for the month of July are currently history.  I did not achi...
Hello , the reason for this blog is because I have some questions about some health things I have been hearing a lot about.  The topic is  Monavie.  I decided to try this a little while ago and am getting some results.   My question to those of you out there is have any of you tried it and has it...
I am going challenge myself to have more business over the next month.  I am writing about it to give me a daily reminder of goals for the month.  Also, to get feedback from others that might have attempted something similar.  My goals for the month are 2 sakes listings , one accepted purchase of...
I want to take this time and say that I'm proud to be an american.  This is still the best or one of the greatest country's of the world to live in.  We are losing some rights and priviledges but we are still blessed and have more than most.  The economy is going through rough times but this to s...
Hello, all.  Thanks to AR that i have a avenue to vent , complain ,learn, search ,study and communicate with others.  I am requesting prayer and scriptures to assist me in getting through the rough times.  I would like to know what scriptures or verses other AR people use to get them through diff...
Hello, all I just have a couple of thoughts or guestions for anyone willing to answer or put their thoughts down.  What is going on in your market? At this time?  I'm a very positive person and I have my doubts about this real estate market and its not good.  I think things are starting to pick u...
I know what they are.  However, I have a guestion, How many of you have actually done them?   Or have attempted them?  If so what werre your results?  I'm just curious since there is so much talk and news about short sales.    Thanks and have a good weekend.
Besides hiring an accountant, whats the best way to keep track of your expenses for the year?  I wonder if I'm not writing off everthing that I can.  So I'm curious to find out how everyone else is doing it.  I want to start now to be prepared for next year.  In the past I would just itemize and ...
With this market, I believe we should try all forms of marketing or lead generation.  I believe there is one that we forgot about or stop using because of the do not call list.  Or because many sellers are fustrated and have bad attitudes.  I just wanted to let everyone know that there are severa...
Well , I was so happy that spring was coming and going to be here soon.  I was focused and ready to make money and deals on a regular basis.  I even had a closing (thank God) And now a few things have changed negatively of course and it seems to have thrown me of course.  I'm going through the mo...

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