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Key West has been my home since 1993 and my only regret is that it took me so long to get here. I am a full time Realtor at Preferred Properties Key West. Let me help you find your new home or business in Paradise. Living in Paradise is not a slogan, it's a way of life. The information on this site is for discussion purposes only. Under no circumstances does this information constitute a recommendation to buy or sell securities, assets, real estate, or otherwise. Information has not been verified, is not guaranteed, and is subject to change.
I have been spending too much time on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM over the past six months. My business has been slower than I would like, but better than I expected. I decided to do a quick comparison of Single Family Home Sale in Key West for the first 15 days of September from 2017 thru 2020.   Reme...
From August 4, 2012 HOW GAY WAS MY VILLA? It's a free world (at least it is here in Key West) where people can be and do just about anything and everything. We all seem to get along. And except for some do-gooders that sit on some public commissions, we all try to stay out of each others "busines...
   Today's Trivial Pursuit is a No-Brainer because I added the address of the property in the photos. It is nonetheless interesting to see how one property can change so much over the period of fifty years. When I was a kid I counted my age by quarter and half years. Now it is decades. I have wat...
 The new listing at 505 Noah Lane, Key West merits the attention of the buyer seeking a spacious three bedroom home with pool and parking. Okay there are quite a few houses like that available, but this one is located in the highly desirable Truman Annex plus it has a Special Truman Annex Transie...
This is a true story. It occurred about ten years ago. I cannot remember their real names, so I will call them Ted and Alice. Otherwise, all is true. Alice contacted first by email and later by phone. She and Ted had been to Key West before and decided they wanted to buy a guesthouse. I sent her ...
From December 22, 2018 Key West - A Couple of Days Before Christmas Story  This is true. I don't make stuff up. Sometimes my memory plays tricks on me and I get things a little screwy, or I can't add correctly, but for the most part if I write it in my blog soon after I experience something, it w...
  923 Southard Street in Old Town Key West is back on the market. The original cigar maker's style cottage was built circa 1889. I found an old photo that shows pretty much the original structure as it appeared 50 some years ago (see the black and white photo below). If you look carefully you can...
It is amazing how much Key West has changed in the last thirty years. But it is more amazing how it has changed from 100 years ago when the photo at the top of today's blog was taken on the eastern end of the island looking southwest on Flagler Avenue. That is where today's house is located. 3838...
The furor over the allegations President Trump denigrated members of the military are troubling on so many levels. I will leave it right there and let the electorate decide how to judge him.  I have been going to write this particular blog for several months and then stopped. I planned to expand ...
 From April 25, 2015 Be Careful Who You Trust with Access to Your Home in Key West I love living in Key West. You can be who you want to be and love who you want to love. Nobody cares what you do or who you sleep with other than the guy who parades around town with his anti-fags sign. Gays and st...

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