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This question sometimes comes up as we are searching for homes.   There is a gross tax and a net tax listed on the MLS sheet.  Sometimes the two numbers are the same, sometimes the net is less and sometimes, the net is significantly less. What is the Homestead Tax Exemption? The homestead tax exe...
Now, not everyone at once, but it might be a good idea to go to the grocery store today for the necessities.  Sounds like a doozie of a storm or two that we are supposed to get starting tonight through Wednesday.  I think that we are headed for a snow day if we reallly get all the snow that they ...
If you want to consider it a flaw, the current owners didn't think so when they bought the house about 3 years ago.  In fact, this home has had 4 owners in 10 years, each of them living there for a little over 2 years.  I am not sure about the first two owners, but the previous owner to my buyer ...
This can be a sticky one.  You never really know if you are truly competing with another buyer.  There are many unethical agents that will tell you that they think that there will be another offer in an effort to get my buyer to up their price to compete.  I never fall for it.  If there truly is ...
I would like to take a minute to talk about listing luxury properties.  In my market in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area, this includes homes that are priced above $500,000.  These sellers expect and deserve the best market exposure possible.  After all, in my market, this is the portion of the ma...
It is a hard lesson at times, finding out that you cannot get what you want for the price that you can afford to pay.  I was out looking at homes with a relocation client today.  They are relocating here from Houston, Texas.  It is a much different market here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Managing exp...
This beautiful 2 story is located just down the street from the newest elementary school in the Linn Mar School District!  Great neighborhood that is convenient to parks, schools, shopping and area employers too!  This home features new siding and complete tearoff in October 2010 due to hail dama...
Today we got up at daybreak to go to the beach. I promised the kids some shells and although it was cloudy, the water was warm.  The sun was starting to peek out as we left the beach.  Lot of shells out there, too many to pick up.  All the shells out there are all a little different, there were l...
Buyers seem to ask this question a lot. The status of the listing is reflected on their MLS personal webpage and it is assumed that if it is on the broker's site as an active listing or on Realtor.com, that it is still available to see. What Does Sale Pending Mean? Sale pending means that there i...
Once we have met for the initial home buyer consultation, we have gone to the lender for the pre-approval and we have discussed all the specific wants and needs for the buyer, we are finally ready to see homes. We will initially sit at the computer together to determine the best homes that are in...

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Whether you are relocating from another state or you are moving within the market area, there is always some adjustments to be made! My focus is on the well-being and safety of your family. A house is very important, but making the Cedar Rapids area your home takes a little more effort. My clients call me long after the closing for advice on a veternarian for their new puppy or the best daycares in the area. Meeting new people is always fun for me and I love my job! Call me if you would like to know what your home is worth in the current market or if you think that you might want to move up to another home somewhere else. We will miss you, but I will happy to get you on your way to your next adventure as quickly as possible!