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Sandra makes some great points about the pros and cons of buying or selling first!  In some markets, sellers will not consider contingent offers especially when there are lots of buyers out looking and the listing has not been on the market for very long. What is best for your situation is not th...
It is one of the last places that you think to check when you are moving out.  You go through the rooms and look in the closets, you look under the sink in the kitchen, you open the linen closet and make sure you didn't forget anything.  You might even open the mailbox on your way out, just to ma...
Here are a couple of situations that have happened this week.  The first one:  The buyer sent her new license to the new address.  She didn't want to chance it going to the old address and with the timeframe estimate, it seemed like a safe bet.  Luckily, the seller left it on the kitchen counter ...
I am thankful for hats, mittens, and warm winter coats.  In the last week, we have received over 12+ inches of the white stuff here in Iowa.  And with the wind chill, we are well below zero for the next few days.  Although the sun was out on Wednesday, that wind.....brrrrrr.  Thank goodness for h...
In the past week, we have received over 12 inches of snow in our part of Iowa.  And this is normal for our winter months.  Especially now that with the snow cover, the temperatures are in the teens and with the wind chill, well below zero.  I was showing homes on Monday to a relocation buyer, whi...
Over the weekend, I was viewing homes with a couple that is relocating to our area from out of state.  During my research of the properties on their showing list, one of them stuck out.  In the remarks, it stated that the lower level bathroom would be completed prior to closing.  Since the house ...
There is a reason that so many sellers that try to sell on their own end up taking more time, causing more financial stress, and cannot understand why it keeps falling apart.  Sometimes, having a professional assess your home that is not emotionally tied can really help sell the home for you.  I ...
I am grateful for my cats.  On cold days, they take turns on my lap and keep me warm and toasty.  On days when I am not feeling well, they curl up at my feet and keep me company.  They meow when I come home and rub their heads and bodies all over my legs.  When I am stressed, petting them and hea...
There are a few schools of thought on this one.  Ultimately, it is the seller's decision on whether or not to disclose to all potential buyers that there is an offer on your home. And whether you should accept the first offer depends on your time on the market and whether the offer is perfect for...
Have you ever thought about your home from a pet owner's point of view?  In our little corner of Iowa, most of the homes that we build and sell have basements.  Sometimes the basements are only really suitable for the laundry and for storage, and sometimes it doubles the size of the house in fini...

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Whether you are relocating from another state or you are moving within the market area, there is always some adjustments to be made! My focus is on the well-being and safety of your family. A house is very important, but making the Cedar Rapids area your home takes a little more effort. My clients call me long after the closing for advice on a veternarian for their new puppy or the best daycares in the area. Meeting new people is always fun for me and I love my job! Call me if you would like to know what your home is worth in the current market or if you think that you might want to move up to another home somewhere else. We will miss you, but I will happy to get you on your way to your next adventure as quickly as possible!