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URGENT! - Virus Protection Software - I need your help! My hard-drive diagnostics showed a impending failure. Dell said it is under warranty and sent out a new drive. My computer guy is going to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 this coming week. I am NOT happy with my Virus Protection So...
  The Homebuyer Tax Credit UPDATE... This is a reblog of a post that details beautifully were the homebuyer tax credit stands. ADDITIONALLY - according to Bloomberg news - the earliest it will be voted on will be - November 3rd. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=aPL7V1Mv60mU   K...
Happy Halloween 2009 This is my first Halloween in a long time I am NOT attending a party or hosting one. We had plans to attend one but it was canceled so we are taking a year off. However I wanted to share my video from our Halloween Party of last year. This was hosted at our home with great fr...
How I'm enhancing Client Relationships using my ActiveRain blog and iContact How I'm using my ActiveRain blog to enhance my existing relationships with clients and prospects! Bob Stewart proposed this question. So... How am I using my library of content? The answer is I haven't been getting as mu...
I want to introduce you Kay Provetero, Emerald Isle NC - Best Massage Therapist. I have used Kay and her services since 2003 when I moved to the Crystal Coast. She has impressed me over the years with her knowledge, skill and zest for learning.This morning she called me at 7:14am to remind me of ...
My 16 month old is broken... is it time to change to Windows 7. My 16 month old Dell has a failing hard drive. I've had the "blue-screen-of-death" twice this month. Then I started hearing this faint "clicking" sound coming from the vicinity of my hard drive. Hmmm... time to do a full and complete...
I am trying to understand the difference between an ActiveRain Associate vs Subscribe to Blog. I've read about members having 150 subscribers up to and over 1000 subscribers. I've subscribed to other people's blog because I liked what they wrote about, or their style, or their humor, the helpful ...
The 4 letter word that will send buyers out the door as fast as they can go and never look back. This is a word that Real Estate educator, Bill Gallagher, spoke about last week in our Mandatory Update class and had everyone laughing. Yesterday when it happened to me I was NOT laughing. That 4 let...
I've always wanted to know how to make Facebook more segregated - so my friends and nieces and nephews crazy antics aren't commingled with my business connections. I never had the time to sit and figure it all out. It was on my to do list. I knew the ability to do what I wanted existed but... You...
Saturday, October 23rd my dog, Bonnie, and I took our usual walk to the beach and back with a little twist we took our video camera and captured this video - Emerald Isle NC - Deer, Oh Dear! This was taken without a tripod and zoomed in to the maximum which exaggerates even the slightest motion s...

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