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I just returned from a vacation to the East side of Baja California in Mexico. As there was no running water, plumbing options were creative. Here is the outdoor bathroom !  I’m not quite sure how to inspect this fixture. Schedule a Home Inspection today ! Hergert Inspection 425-652-6515 Hergert ...
UNBALANCED FILL | Home Inspections Seattle Bellevue Everett All was going well with the inspection of this home built in 2005 until started on the garage. Upon inspection, I found a gap between the slab and the foundation wall. This gap at the rear of the garage started at 1/8" at the ends to 2" ...
 What does this picture have to do with a Home Inspection ? Absolutely nothing ! I performed an inspection of a 7 unit multi-family rental complex yesterday. One of the rental townhomes is occupied by a mother and a daughter. There are (2) flights of stairs within the townhouse, each with 14 trea...
Per Google, I had 1,857 unique visitors to my website during 2011. Almost 1,100 were from Seattle and Bellevue, the large adjacent cities.  34 visitors were from my home town of Sammamish. 43 were from Moscow, Russia. I think I am being phished !!!  
A Fire Tragedy Waiting to Happen | Home Inspections Seattle Bellevue Everett At a recent Home Inspection in the University District of Seattle, I found numerous problems that could result in a fire tragedy. This 3,000 s.f. home had been remodeled int a 9 room multi-family rooming house for stude...
A Fair Home Inspection Contingency  | Home Inspections Seattle Bellevue Everett In this era of foreclosures, bank owned properties, and short sales, there is a good chance that the home has been "winterized" and/or the utilities are turned off due to non-payment. At least twice a week, I run into...
Survival of the Fittest: Galvanic Corrosion  |  Home Inspections Seattle Bellevue Everett The image below is of the junction of copper and galvanized steel domestic water pipes in a home near Seattle. It is common in older homes to find the replacement of galvanized pipes with copper pipes. Typic...
Infrared Detection of Roof Leak  | Home Inspector Seatte Bellevue Everett Below is an infrared image that clearly shows a roof leak at this vaulted ceiling. The straight vertical darker areas are the wood ceiling rafters. The random line between the rafters is evidence of the roof leak. The dark ...
Stop Mickey at the Source !  Home Inspections Seattle | Bellevue | Everett Rodents can cause thousands of dollars in damage to crawlspaces. Findings extensive rodent activity is also a real turn off ( gross out factor) to many buyers. Here is an example of a homeowner that tried to fix a rodent p...
That Pesky P trap | Home Inspector Seattle Everett Bellevue During my years in the construction and home inspection industries, I have found that most people do not understand the purpose of the P trap. I have heard comments that that is a place to keep large stuff from going down the drains, the...

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