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It has been my experience that a common forum would serve the interests of the North Texas Real Estate community. This BLOG provides a forum to provide notices, ask questions, and stay informed. Join NOW and expand your circle of influence, networking strategies, and increase your client base.
With a record number of residential properties on the market across the country, we (a colleague and I) were debating strategies for locating future home sales markets.  Basically, where should we guide and recommend home purchases to our clients.  He took the stance that the overall economy dro...
Have you ever talked to a man about his 1st car?  Somewhere in the conversation you might hear, "Just think what she would be worth if I still had her, as the thought gleams from his eyes."  For most, when it comes time to sell a car or home, we want to extract the maximum market value from our ...
Attorneys, Land Sharks, Landmines... I've heard many clichés used to describe attorneys.  Regardless how you feel about an attorney, most people wish they used one before completing a Real Estate transaction.  My clients call it added insurance; I call it sound business practice. Why are attorne...
I recently represented a couple in a divorce case that included several real estate transactions.  The first transaction was routine with a divorce, the couple wanted to sell their home.  This went smoothly, with an agreement between the parties as to the equity (included down payment and princip...

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