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              I have been keeping an eye on the numbers of active agents in our neck of the woods (King County)  for some time, and things are really starting to turn to a downward trend.  From June to end of July,08 there has been a 17% drop in numbers of active licensed agents.  Over 16,000 dow...
         1.    Please do not write anymore happy--"I went to a seminar"---"and the business is great."...                           Because it is not!!!!!          2.    No matter who you are no better than anyone else around here...                           That's just the way life i...
          There have been times in my life and in business when something would happen to the success and flow of things working, that I could not understand the reasoning behind the results.           In a past life it was easy to just blame someone or something when this occurred. Never would I...
        Sometimes I feel as if I have walked thru so many new ideas and trends about Real Estate that I just want to jump off the train and let it head on down the road without me.             Embracing new technology in our business is a given.....but is all of it really necessary in order to ju...
      There seems to be a subtle shift in the air with regards to how sellers and buyers are reacting to the constant movement and change occurring in our business.       I am not writing about buyers that always want a deal at 10 cents on the dollar; but the actual buyer who desires to own perha...
       This post is not about Real Estate---and yet it is.        This post is not about love and family and friendship---and yet it is.        This post is not cute and pretty and filled with wonderful photos.        This post is about how a very ugly part of my life changed me to become the man...
        I very seldom talk or bring up the past. In my years of living I concentrate on today and usually nothing else. So today an exception.         This past week I have been thinking a lot about my late father. Born in 1927 and died at 44 years of age in Feb.1971.  He never talked about himse...
George asked in his recent post what was the first song that impacted me in life and when did it occur.  When I responded in the comments of his post, "George, This kind of stuff makes me feel so old sometimes.  Since most of my life has been spent in the music business the first song that change...
     I am writing about this wonderful business we call REAL ESTATE.      For reasons sometimes unknown we have allowed our livelihood to slip away from the core issues and daily factors that propel us to do our job.       I have had conversations with countless Realtor's, agents and brokers abou...
        Here I am reading some blogs and making a few comments when I notice how slow the system seems to be today.  Thought it was me; then I look and notice that there are 11,266 on line at the same time!   Membership almost 89,000....         Yes, I remember when there were only so few here......

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