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Jacksonville Leading Realtor, who is also mother, wife, daughter and a wanna be writer(LOL) etc... Updates on Real Estate in Jacksonville, St Johns County, Clay County, Orange Park and my very own stomping grounds Fleming Island. Seasoned with thoughts on life, love and family
The last time I wrote was several months ago. Frustrated with the lack of process on behalf of the banks.  I felt that if we, as agents, doing any kind of volume we needed to hire an outside source to sit on the phone, or refax documents all day. That required giving up a portion or percent of ou...
I for one am ready for a short sale revolution! First of all when a lien holder sends my customer a letter telling them the benefits of a short sale as opposed to a foreclosure and how they should put their house up for sale what skin do they have in the game? What commitment have they made at th...
It saddens me as a successful full time real estate professional to go on listing appointment's these days. I sit across from a seller that called for obvious reasons, to list their home and the conversation often goes the same way. FIRST AGENT APPOINTMENT Realtor: Mr Seller, based on the compara...
Unfortunately some of our bretheren do not know it but Real Estate is a team sport. Let me stop there. I have to extend love and appreciation to all me friends in the business who are some of the best team mates I have ever know. Thank you!Begin again. Have you ever had a transaction with an agen...
Crossing the Bridge to Paradise It's True I do. No one piad me to say it I just do. I always tell people it's pleasantville minus the creepy part. Why? Everything is here and besides the necessary evil called work (LOL) you never have to leave. Crossing that bridge is like crossing the threshold ...
I think anything we can do to save time and money is worth looking at especially when it's top folks in our industry. Thanks Sara so much for taking the time to Blog this. Kim Knapp Recently at each Inman Conference they have had a speaker highlight various websites to watch for various reasons....
This is my last short sale in the pipeline with Countrywide.I use last in the truest sense of the word. It's the only short sale I have left with THEM and it's the LAST one I will take with Them. Their own people tell me their processes are ridiculous but hey what are you going to do? I had an ap...
This is great info if you are interested in Twitter. Which I am embracing. Like any technology it's knowing how to use it that makes the difference. Thanks for the great pass and I appreciate to be able to pass it along. Kim There are two schools of thought pertaining to who to follow on Twitter...
It's a New Year time to stand tall and make a decision to tell the cold hard truth. When you walk into that listing appointment remember they asked you to come because you are a real estate professional and they are looking for guidance and solutions.  Now if your end game is merely to get your s...
Well, we are smarter, leaner, and wiser! There are less Realtor's, Mortgage Brokers, and Wanna Be Inspectors in the business. This is GOOD! Now that you have rid yourself of marketing that doesn't work, team members that were order takers and people on your sphere list that shouldn't be there it'...

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