Kim Knapp Dishes on Real Estate?

Real Estate Sales Representative - Coldwell Banker, Vanguard Realty
Jacksonville Leading Realtor, who is also mother, wife, daughter and a wanna be writer(LOL) etc... Updates on Real Estate in Jacksonville, St Johns County, Clay County, Orange Park and my very own stomping grounds Fleming Island. Seasoned with thoughts on life, love and family
As of August 1, 2008 going south on Hwy 17 from the Dr's Lake Bridge to the Black Creek Bridge then from from the river east of CR220 to the Swimming Pen Creek Bridge by Whitey's Fish Camp it is all officially Fleming Island Florida. Before that the southern part of Fleming Island had a Green Cov...
Fleming Island Plantation has a little something for everyone when it comes fun in the sun. That's not all but we will get to that later. they say a picture speaks a thousand words so let's start talking... Activities are planned on a weekly basis by the amenity staff for all ages year round. It ...
 Living in Fleming Island can really be like being on vacation. This last Saturday my husband Tom and I were having breakfast and planning our day. It went something like this. Tom -" Want to go swim some laps? me-" "Sure sounds like we could work off some of our breakfast." Tom- "Cari mention sh...
With the price of gas going up it may be time to consider a NEV... Actually living in The Clay County area there are many planned communities it can really make sense. With so many 25 mph roads that connect to everything, schools inside the community along with shopping, libraries and after schoo...
First let me say that Northeast Florida has some of the most amazing professionals practicing real estate. I'm thankful to call many of them friends from every company albeit ReMax to Prudential, Coldwell Banker to Watson and of course my personal favorite VANGUARD/GMAC However there are still th...
Well, I'm going to address the difficult topic of Short Sales not just from the prospective of the seller but from the prospective working with the buyers. There is a link above that explains what a short sale is and it's for educational purposes. I have become increasingly frustrated with the nu...
I am compelled to write this. I often times get called in after a home has been listed for 6-12 months with another company. The seller wants to know why their home hasn't sold. Most times it has been due to their price consistently trailing the market. Denial has cost owners 10's of thousands of...
You walk into Blockbuster on a Friday night looking for just the right movie. You have money in your pocket and a mebership card in your wallet. It's been a long week, you need to relax and you're open to just about anything. Maybe a comedy (a Little laughter might be good) action adventure (jour...
What Island? Fleming Island. Too far? I just think it's funny that most folks after about a year after moving to this incredible bedroom community they are stricken with the TOO FAR Disorder. You don't realize at first you have it. The signs begin when you are thinking of eating out and someone s...
You may be wondering what inspired this post. As we just got through the holiday season many parents and their children where discussing their science projects. Operative word THEIR. I realized that though my son is a straight "A" student, does 2 hours of homework a night and sometimes brushes up...


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