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PRUCA REAL ESTATE IS.....                                                                    P1  PROFESSIONAL  PERFECTION IN PROCESS  "Nobility is being better today then you used to be yesterday."                                                               Wayne Dyer Professional:  Definition:...
Yesterday, I attended an interesting Public Hearing before the Local Agency Formation Commission of Riverside County.  You see, I was notified that, as a property owner, our land parcels were going to be inducted into the City of Indio's "sphere of influence."  Now, being inducted into a particul...
I was called into a conference room in my office today, to help a couple decide what their options were in regard their housing situation.  One of my agents, Dolores Soler, had met this couple while out door knocking.  You see, this couple had purchased their Long Beach, California home back in 1...
Thursday, September 20thI sat in my office looking at the scared young first-time home buying couple across the desk from me.       "The builder's agent said that if we bought the home that they would definately pay for $10,400.00 in closing costs and an additional $9400.00 but only if we used th...
Learning how to communicate with other agents in your office is a challenging part of any career in real estate.  It is true that most real estate agents are almost hardwired to retain important facts and information to themselves instead of sharing it with others.  I have learned that inter-offi...

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