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Mortgage rates are lower than they have been in years. Why is it that all you hear from the media is how bad the housing market is, when the truth is it is truly a buyers market. You have rates at or near a 10 year low and a large inventory of houses. To top that off you have sellers that in some cases are motivated to sell beyond usual limits. Seems to me this should be a strong market.
Happy Easter, or should I say, Happy Good Friday!This is my favorite time of the year.  Spring has arrived, the weather is warming and people are beginning to get out of the house.  With spring in the air, so is March Madness!  Did anyone watch that Duke-Belmont game?  WOW...way to go Bruins!  So...
Has anyone found the secret to getting traffic to your web page?  I just last week got a new web page up and going.  I have submitted to all the free search engines sites.  I have looked at the pay per click options but I am not sure if that is worth the expense.  Has anyone found any other inexp...
My phone rings and the caller ask, "What are your rates today?"  Is that all you ask about when you shop for a mortgage?  Have you heard all those stories about people getting to the closing table only to be surpised with some unexpected fees?  Have you heard the stories about all the call backs ...

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Mortgage rates are great today.