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Technology was caught up with heating and cooling thermostats. With more and more Internet based devices coming out, tech savvy people can utilize this technology to save money. Since the heating and cooling of a home makes up the majority of the utility costs, it makes sense to keep a tight rein...
  Holidays are a very busy time of the year for everyone....including plumbers. In preparing holiday dinners, the garbage disposer gets a workout and if not careful, you may just find yourself calling a plumber and having to pay up to double the normal rates for emergency and holidays. Here are s...
It's always nice every once in a while to get an inspection job way out in the country. The smell of fresh air, quiet...peaceful. It's just nice to get away. As I turned off the country road onto the path toward the house, I notice a creek, 450 acres of beautiful rolling hills, a lovely home with...
Each year, there are hundreds of swimming pool related injuries and deaths caused from improperly designed or maintained pools and equipment. Here are some guidelines that I hope will help in keeping you and your family safe this summer. Safety barriers. Designed to keep small children from ente...
On a home inspection the other day, I ran across this electrical outlet cover that I thought was pretty simple but ingenious. It is a cover plate with just the hot, neutral and ground cut in it instead of the oval holes that exposes the outlet itself. That way if you are painting a room, remodeli...
On one of my inspections yesterday, I found this on the roof. I only saw the round end and dug it out and saw that it was a bullet. (I keep a tube of sealant in my truck and sealed the hole) It amazes me at the ignorance some people have when it comes to shooting guns in the air, as if they think...
Client: So you say the air conditioning won't turn on. How much will it cost to fix? Me: I don't know Client: The shower has very low water flow? How much will it cost to repair that? Me: I don't know Client: I noticed that the old wooden windows are in poor condition and most won't open. How muc...
This post is in honor of my sister's sore fingers after hanging pictures. Very simple tips that people just don't think of but wished that had. Here are a couple of nailing tips that I hope you find useful. Tip #1. Most finger smacks from a hammer occurs when the hammer head skims off the nail he...
Did you hear about the discovery scientists made involving Scotch tape? It seems that ordinary Scotch tape, the kind you use to wrap packages, when unrolled can emit enough radiation to make xrays! It seems another scientist back in the 1950s came up with the concept, but was recently proved. The...
Is it just me or is there something just not right about this wheelchair ramp? I just happened across this pic on the net and thought it was funny. Would love to know the story behind it. If it isn't a wheelchair ramp, not sure what else it would be. Doesn't look like it's been photoshopped or st...

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